Avoid Getting Leaky Gut




Gut health and avoiding a leaky gut is not only important for those of us with digestive issues but is important for all of us! The continuity and strength of our gastrointestinal (GI) membrane barrier is vital for immunologic functioning. The layered GI barrier system also permits our gut lumen spaces to hold and nurture essential gut bacteria. The intestinal barrier furthermore has the important job of keeping pathogens or microbes from freely accessing extra-lumenal abdominal organs or crossing into general systemic circulation.

It is instructive to contemplate this question:

What happens when the gut barrier is breached?  [Hint: think about other barriers, such as a water dam barrier]

avoid leaky gut

Just as water floods through a broken dam, particles flood through a broken Gastro-Intestinal Epithelial Barrier:

Damage to the intestinal epithelial barrier equates to an increase in gut permeability, which ushers a flood of undigested food particles and inflammatory mediators into the peritoneal cavity. After leaking to peritoneum, a cytokine storm (net: massive increase in immune system proteins) would then set the occasion for inflammation of pancreas, liver, gall bladder, and colon. Note also that this intestinal barrier breach could bathe this person’s gut tissues with infectious microbes.  After microorganisms and undigested food products flood through the abdominal spaces, the blood and lymph fluids containing this ‘inflammatory mix’ could eventually circulate through the entire body.  This is not a recipe for good health! Please visit the Natural Medicine Center and let our practitioners check your gut function (virtual appointments available too). Leaky gut leads ultimately to chronic inflammation, altered immune responses, allergies, and a low immune system responsivity [1].


Avoid getting leaky gut


  •       Do you have allergies or sensitivities?

Food allergies, but also other forms of food sensitivity, are best tagged as individualistic adverse food reactions.  It is appropriate to call food intolerance symptoms ‘individualistic’ because each food-triggered-illness (e.g., peanut allergy) is likely to affect only a small segment of our population.  Let’s say, in a family of four, Mom tests for a sensitivity to garlic. Dad’s GI tract, in constrast, tests to show lobster sensitivities. Perhaps the family panel of food testing shows that both children are intolerant if fed either egg whites or egg yolks.  Food intolerances are that specific; which means that the plated food we serve in each household should be individualized.  NMC is encouraging prevention and longevity by offering family discounts of $25.00 (2 or more tests)

       To facilitate the readers’ understanding of this concept, let us contemplate the differences between gluten allergies and gluten sensitivities. Fact: only 1 percent of the world’s population has an IgE-mediated `formal` allergy to gluten—celiac patients, per the  CDC and World Health Organization, fit this description. Counter Fact: up to 6 % of the world population suffers from a Nonceliac gluten sensitivity syndrome; the latter syndrome is a non IgE-mediated gluten sensitivity problem [2, 3]. Nonceliac gluten sensitivity is diagnosed in individuals who do not have celiac disease but who have intestinal symptoms, extraintestinal symptoms, or both, related to ingestion of gluten-containing grains, with symptomatic improvement when such grains are withdrawn from their diet.


The bullet points below list many common symptoms of a food sensitivity:      

  • Acne
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Eczema
  • Fatigue
  • GERD <a reflux disorder>
  • Hives
  • IBS
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Sinusitis
  • Stuffy Nose


To prevent abdominal organ inflammation, our Doctors recommend abstinence from foods that provoke individualistic reaction patterns.  We can help you discern your food sensitivity patterns; please call us for more details.

  Prebiotics and Probiotics for Gut Health


                   Prebiotics are dietary fibers that serve the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Prebiotics aid in the digestion of our food and help us absorb more nutrients.

Probiotics help repair leaky gut by balancing the good bacteria in our digestive tract. Supplementing with probiotics has been linked to many health improvements including: mental health conditions, heart health, reducing allergies, reducing digestive disorders and improving overall immunity [4].

*Taking pre and probiotics is particularly important after being exposed to toxins, stress or after taking an antibiotic.

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Blood test Vials

Convenient and Affordable Lab Testing – Regardless of Insurance

Have you been putting off getting lab-work done due to the cost or inconvenience? 

While regular lab testing may seem like an unnecessary luxury to those without proper medical insurance, here at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland we are dedicated to making this process convenient and affordable, especially for those uninsured.  If you are already an established patient with us the paper-work and waiting time will be extremely minimal and you should be in and out of our clinic in 15-20 minutes.  Even if you are unfamiliar with our clinic we will be fully able to assist you in getting your lab work so that you can keep it for your own personal records or to bring it to your primary care physician.

Our primary doctor, Catherine Onuoha, will discuss with patients the significance of each lab test being recommended and can work to reduce the number of tests if price is an issue.  We can also supply patients with a preliminary invoice of the cost of various labs so that they know their final total and the individual lab-test costs.

Don’t wait for minor symptoms to become major!

Issues such as thyroid and or hormone imbalance are often misdiagnosed or ignored leaving their symptoms un-medicated or improperly treated.  If you frequently suffer from common thyroid issues such as fatigue, weakness, and muscle aches, or hormone symptoms such as heavy periods, hot flashes, and indigestion, it is very likely that your hormone or thyroid levels are out of balance.  Once we receive your results we will call to let you know and offer to send it by physical mail or e-mail.  While we encourage our patients to discuss their results with Dr. Catherine to begin a medication regimen to bring their levels back to a state of balance, our patients are more than free to take their results to their primary care physician or to hold on to them for their own personal records.

Serious diseases often take months or years to develop and the more noticeable signs and symptoms might not appear till the disease is already manifested.  Through lab tests you are able to pin-point problems at an early stage and intervene before an issue becomes serious.  While paying for lab-work while healthy might seem like a waste, the chart below demonstrates how expensive, unpleasant, and time consuming an un-managed disease can be.

Take control of your health and empower yourself with the knowledge of how your body is functioning and see how simple changes can lead to drastic results!

Below are some of the prices for our most popular lab tests (Prices reflect the cost without insurance which would be due upon blood-draw):

Thyroid Panel – $66

Hormone Panel – $94

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – $11

Cortisol – $38

For additional pricing information and other questions please e-mail us at info@naturallakeland.com or call the phone number below.

(863) 899-8877

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Services for College Students

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland



Replace the ups and downs of constant coffee runs and the caffeine jitters for natural energy medicine.  BEMER is a form of PEMF therapy which sends natural electromagnetic signals into the body which increase energy and improve circulation.  While anyone can and should benefit from BEMER, athletes should be especially interested in this service as it boosts the body’s natural healing abilities including recovering from tough work out sessions and minor injuries.  In fact, local professional trainers and coaches have seen the value in BEMER and use the device themselves and recommend it to their clients and athletes.


IV Therapy

Often referred to as “the hangover cure” IV therapy is an infusion of natural supplements such as Vitamin C, the B vitamins, and calcium directly in the blood stream.  By infusing these supplements instead of taking them orally the body is able to absorb more of the active ingredients and keep them in longer.

While this service is primarily used to help those suffering from nutritional deficiencies for various reasons, IV infusions are beneficial for anyone as they are essentially the ultimate multivitamin.  Those who receive an infusion can expect a significant increase in energy and positive mood that lasts for 3-4 weeks.  Take advantage of this service before a hectic period such as mid-terms, finals, or training for an upcoming sporting event to help you perform to the best of your ability



Even the smartest students can be held back tremendously by issues such as anxiety, stress, and random distracting thoughts.  Neurofeedback is a brain training service which can help with all of these issues and more.  In a session of Neuroptimal neurofeedback all a client experiences is half an hour of relaxing visuals and music while simple non-invasive sensors monitor their brain activity.  Throughout the session skips in the music will trigger whenever specific patterns of brain wave activity are detected.  These simple skips provide the brain with a mirror that reflects its activity back allowing the brain to learn from itself like never before.  While many neurofeedback devices are exclusively for those with diagnosed mental conditions, our system is designed to bring greater mental balance and relief from stress/anxiety to anyone who is hooked up.


Nutritional Counseling and Lab Testing  

College is especially tough on students’ stomachs.  From low quality cafeteria food, cheap fast food and ramen, and skipped meals on the way to class it seems very few students are getting the proper amount and type of food that their body needs.  While some students may blame their fatigue and exhaustion on homework, social life obligations, and Netflix binging (which are all very real problems) the fact is that the majority of Americans including students are not operating at our full capacity due to poor diet and nutrition.

At our clinic we can also perform lab testing of food sensitivities in order to find out what foods are not agreeing with your body or digestive system. As part of our dedication to promoting healthy and enjoyable living we host a local produce stand in front of our clinic every Friday from 1-4. If you are interested in making a change to your diet and lifestyle for the better, make an appointment with our holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine Onuoha.


Mental Health and Medication Counseling

As a holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine assess and treats her patients mentally and physically.  With her degree in psychpharmacology Dr. Catherine is well versed in the effects of different medications and helps her patients to downsize their prescriptions in favor of natural alternatives that are beneficial for the body.  In addition to expertly managing the medications of her patients, Dr. Catherine offers counseling so that she can get to the root of a patient’s issue and teach them positive coping strategies that they can use in the future.  If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied or unsure about the prescription or treatment plan your doctor has advised, you are fully within your rights as a patient to schedule an appointment with Dr. Catherine for a second opinion.


At our clinic we can also perform lab testing of food sensitivities in order to find out what foods are not agreeing with your body or digestive system. As part of our dedication to promoting healthy and enjoyable living we host a local produce stand in front of our clinic every Friday from 1-4. If you are interested in making a change to your diet and lifestyle for the better, make an appointment with our holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine Onuoha.



Your first service!


The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

315 Doris Dr.

Lakeland, FL 33813


Email: info@naturallakeland.com


Cartoon wooman in sauna

The Healing Power of Infrared Saunas

Most people are aware of the relaxing and therapeutic benefits that come from traditional steamy saunas, but fewer people know about the benefits and healing power that come from using an infrared sauna.  Instead of using hot coals to create an intense and often uncomfortable heat, infrared saunas use a specific form of infrared light to create a less intense heat that is able to penetrate deeper into the skin for detoxification.  Not only do infrared saunas provide the same benefits as a traditional sauna with significantly lower temperatures, but infrared light has a variety of additional benefits for the skin and body similar to sunlight.

It’s a known fact that being outside and in the sun is good for physical and mental health, however, too much unprotected sun exposure leads to problems ranging from sun burns to skin cancer.  This is because the sun’s heat comes from a wide variety of radiation including harmful UV rays which sunscreen protects us from and beneficial Infrared light which infrared saunas utilize.

Benefits from Infrared Saunas:

  • Detoxification – The sweating from the infrared saunas is one of the best natural ways to detoxify. The light from infrared saunas penetrates deep in the skin to remove deep seated toxins including heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • Weight Loss – Infrared saunas cause sweating and an increased heart rate which simulates exercise. Infrared saunas also ease joint and muscle pain making it easier to recover from an injury or a tough work out and get back in the gym. 
  • Stress and Fatigue – The warmth and relaxation from infrared saunas are a great way to de-stress and recharge for the next week.
  • Joint Pain and Stiffness – Infrared Saunas can help reduce or alleviate temporary or chronic pain and inflammation of all kinds and has been shown effective at reducing symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral arterial disease.


  • Skin Health including relief from Acne – Infrared saunas provide a wonderful cleansing for the skin and can even significantly reduce or eliminate signs of acne.
  • Wound Healing – Infrared saunas can help boost the body’s natural healing process in recovering from wounds such as small cuts, scrapes, or other minor skin injuries.

Further reading:

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Hands holding placard about reducing toxins

DETOX: How and Why

DETOX: How and Why

Your body is constantly under assault from toxins in the environment around us.  From processed foods, airborne pollutants, as well as negative emotions such as stress, toxins are impossible to avoid. The toxin load we encounter daily weighs us down with fatigue, irritability, and sometimes physical reactions such as allergies and skin irritation.  While it may not be possible to eliminate all toxins in our life, limiting these toxins and detoxifying the body can restore energy and improve overall well-being.

While proper diet and exercise are the two most important factors of a detox, we offer a number of services to help your body reach a healthier state. At the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland, we promote and facilitate detoxification through our energy medicine, infrared sauna, IV nutritional therapies and thermographic examination.

PEMF BEMER therapy improves blood flow and increases oxygen in the blood.  This increased oxygen and circulation of blood stimulates the immune and lymph systems which works to drain the body of toxins.

Much like a traditional sauna, our infrared sauna uses the healing power of heat to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.  However, the infrared technology of our sauna produces a lower intensity heat that is able to penetrate deeper in the body, removing toxins that a traditional sauna would miss

Finally, through Thermography we are able to track the changes that detoxification has on your body.  While primarily used to screen for breast cancer, Thermography shows us areas of inflammation and abnormalities within the body.  These markers allow us to see what areas of the body are more toxic and help guide us with how to properly detox and treat the abnormalities.


Lastly, IV Glutathione Therapy acts principally on liver and brain tissues. Research suggests glutathione therapy can lead patients to an improved memory, while also helping to lower the risk for dementia conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. Other IV therapies can also be a great part of a detox effort including Myer’s cocktail and high dose vitamin c, and hydrogen peroxide. IV services are offered 1 time weekly at The Natural Medicine Center and are ALL preservative free.


IV Nutritional Therapy

“We are Polk County’s premier IV nutritional therapy specialists”

IV nutritional therapy fosters a variety of health benefits such as increased energy, better immune functioning, and an enhanced sense of well-being”

IV Therapy Banner

For maximal health and vitality, nourishment must be ‘transported’ to all of the 100 trillion cells in an individual’s body. If key vitamins and minerals cannot access body tissues, cell regulatory processes become corrupted and the affected patient’s constitutional health soon declines.

When the body has trouble absorbing proteins, fatty acids, or minerals through natural digestive processes, IV Nutritional therapy critically preserves cellular health. A number of other circumstances can be cited as appropriate for IV nutrition therapy. Consider the nutritional demands precipitated by a chronic stress condition, or a sustained medical illness. To rebound from a sustained stress interval or serious illness, patients require extra nutrition. IV sustenance also assists people who suffer from a food intolerance. The IV services provided here at the Natural Medicine Center can also benefit patients with lowered nutrient absorption secondary to prescription drugs. Did you know that ‘Legend’ (i.e.,prescription) drugs can block a patient’s uptake and proper utilization of calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, folic acid, glutathione, and biotin?

For all of the patient scenarios outlined above, consider embracing intravenous administration of nutrients to ensure that your body is getting what it needs.

Types of IV Nutrition Therapy

There are a number of IV therapies designed to either treat specific conditions or just promote overall wellness. The following are some of the most common:

Myers’ Cocktail
This particular blend was developed in the 1970’s by Dr. John Myers at Johns Hopkins University. It has been used to treat a number of conditions such as asthma, congestive heart failure, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chest pain, infections, depression, muscle spasms, hives, and dementia.

Glutathione Therapy
This substance acts principally on liver and brain tissues. Research suggests glutathione therapy can lead patients to an improved memory, while also helping to lower the risk for dementia conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease.

High Dose Vitamin C Therapy
Although this vitamin is commonly found in supplement form, an IV infusion will produce much higher serum concentrations of Vitamin C than that obtained after oral dosing. Vitamin C is used to fight both fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome.  High dose injections of Vitamin C have also been found to boost the immune system and can help fight and prevent cancer. 

For more on the specific benefits and science behind High Dose Vitamin C injections please watch the video below:

Alpha Lipoic Acid
This compound assists patients suffering from diabetes. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) improves cellular insulin sensitivity and simultaneously lowers blood sugar levels.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Chemists refer to Hydrogen Peroxide (H
2O2) as a ‘reactive oxygen species’. H2O2 encourages the body to release single oxygen molecules into the bloodstream. Newly liberated O2 molecules are available to kill viruses, bacteria, cancer cells. A higher oxygen serum oxygen level also makes it easier for the liver and kidneys to remove toxins.

If you are suffering from the following:

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Asthma
  • COPD Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sinusitis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Depression
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Dementia
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Acute and Chronic Viral infection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Or – if you are an athlete in need of faster healing and recovery then IV Vitamin Therapy may help to rejuvenate your body and help you to feel better again.

For more on the benefits and science behind IV Vitamin Therapy, please watch the video below with Dr. Kristen Coles:

IV Nutrition Therapy Prices

‘Myers Cocktail’ Super Immune Booster – $150

Threshold Dose Vitamin C – $120

Flu Dose Dose Vitamin C – $130

High Dose Vitamin C Therapy – $150

Glutathione Liver Flush / Cleanse – $60 by itself and $20 if added to another infusion

(You can also call us to inquire about custom made infusions)

Video Testimonial:


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A pile of Strawberries


strawberries 2.jpg

Strawberry season has arrived! The Natural Medicine Center would like to briefly inform you upon the health benefits these tasteful fruits have to offer.

Beginning with nutrients, strawberries are known to be jam packed! More specifically strawberries are nutrient dense with Vitamin C, Magnese, Folate, and Potassium.

Vitamin C is beneficial for your immune system. The vitamin is also great for healthy skin and much more.

The Folate, also referred to as B9, helps with tissue growth and cell function. This is also why women expecting children and the elderly are suggested to eat strawberries or other folate rich foods.

Lastly, the potassium in strawberries helps to regulate blood pressure. Most people think of bananas as a potassium rich food, but, in fact, strawberries and many other fruits are as well.

Another perk to eating strawberries is their abundance in antioxidants. They have shown to play a role in fighting free radicals (better known as cancer cells). Some of the antioxidants found inside are Pelargondin, Ellagic Acid, Ellagitannins, and Procyanidins. The Pelargondin is responsible for the color of the strawberries, whereas the Ellagic Acid contains a chemical compound, polyphenol, that has proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The Ellagitannins found within strawberries will turn into Ellagic Acids after reaching your gut. The Procyanidins, on the other hand, are actually found on the outside of the strawberry, on the flesh and inside the seeds. They have been known to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Although strawberries have all these benefits, there are also disadvantages. Strawberries had taken second place on the “Dirty Dozen” list for nearly five years before taking apples’ place for top of the list in 2016. Thus meaning that strawberries have the highest level of pesticide residue than any other fruit in the United States. Pesticides from strawberries may lead to neurological disorders, endocrine and reproductive disorders, immune system deficiencies, and possibly cancer. Studies show that pesticides are in the environment and avoiding them is extremely tough. But, keeping our toxin level down is key.

There is a ton of research supporting the fact that organic and pesticide free produce is A LOT healthier than conventionally grown strawberries, allowing us to enjoy this nutritious fruit with PEACE OF MIND.

The Natural Medicine Center is offering locally grown and pesticide free strawberries on Fridays from 2-5 pm. We hope to see you there!

Favorite Recipe

strawberry salad

  1. Combine the spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, and walnuts in a large bowl.
  2. Stir the balsamic vinegar and honey together in a bowl; slowly stream the olive oil into the mixture while whisking continuously. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle the dressing over the salad just before serving.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device


Have you heard the *Buzz* about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Devices?



PEMF—that is a lexicon you’d be wise to hold at the forefront of your mind. Why? PEMFs exist as a technologic category of devices (different brands / different frequency settings)…but this group of *wellness tools* is evolving quick and gaining in popularity. PEMFs heighten oxygen uptake within every cell of an exposed human’s body. Enhanced O2 uptake means that your body’s metabolism improves. Also, PEMF exposed cells in your body receive the blood and nutrients necessary for healing. PEMF units direct rapid but intermittent magnetic impulses through tissue—which stimulates cellular repair (for review, [1]). This therapy can be used on a concentrated area of the body or on the body as a whole.

Our bodies have between 70 and 90 BILLION cells within them. Cells are healthy / happy when they are both nourished and detoxified. Slow or low blood perfusion in our microvessels sets an occasion for chronic disease development. Here’s some good news: PEMF therapy actually acts to ‘flush’ microvessels. Said differently, the PEMF intensifies blood and lymph circulation. With blood pumping more efficiently, and lymph flowing more readily, body cells eliminate toxins. This is because transiently absorbed electromagnetic energy—much like a physiochemical catalysts–intervenes in and ACTIVATES biological processes [2].


How do you use the device?

All you have to do is lie down on the device for 8 minutes once or twice a day. If you want to use the device on a specific body part, many PEMF devices boast an additional ‘area specific’ or focused PEMF accessory. The area specific PEMF accessory can be held over injured or inflamed body parts (e.g., inflamed or swollen knee/ ankle). A stressed or injured region of the body engages immunologic repair mechanisms more quickly due to positive changes in microcirculation, vasomotion, venous outflow, and oxygen utilization [3].


Are there Psychic or BioSocial Applications for PEMF units?

Lots of citizens in today’s fast paced society succumb to stress, then experiencing depression. Did you know that electromagnetic field therapies elevate a person’s mood [4]? Mounting anecdotal evidence suggests that the specific PEMF device we are willing to SHARE (come to the Natural Medicine Center) has a mood elevating effect.


What else are PEMF units useful for?

Beyond putting more bounce in your steps, preclinical evidence has also made manifest a positive effect of PEMF devices on wound healing and inflammation in eye tissues [5]. Moreover, PEMF units assist with kidney difficulties [6], and with arthritis pain/ swelling [7]. With PEMFs – You’ll Rest Easier

Sleep promotes health, right? Here is a personal testimony: due to my new habit of regularly exposing myself to PEMF, I sleep better. If you took the bold step to become a PEMF owner, you too would be able to sleep all night on this WONDERFUL device. If you are impressed or at least intrigued by the PEMF discussion that I have laid out for you in this blog, please come by the Natural Medicine Center for a free session. I realize that the Lays Potato Chip Company already “coined” this marketing slogan….but several of the patients that I’ve introduced our PEMF device to…well, they say it’s pretty hard to stop with just ONE (session). –Dr Catherine Onuoha, RPh, PhD, BCPP



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Inflammation Diagram

Confront Inflammation, Prevent Disease and Reclaim your Health!

You are Invited!

Join us Thursday, May 25 at 7pm at

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.

As we spend the evening talking about confronting inflammation, preventing disease and reclaiming your health!

Our friend and expert nutritionist, Kathy Howitt, RDN, CCN is leading our event. Kathy works with a program called SHAPE ReClaimed. Shape ReClaimed is a safe, effective homeopathic glycoprotein complex formula created to decrease the total inflammatory load in your body. Shape ReClaimed is supported with over 30 years of clinical experience.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance immune function
  • Detox
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve your bodies PH
  • Enhance vitamin use

“Is there such a thing as a patient without Inflammation? It is rare! It’s no secret that there is an epidemic of inflammation in this nation. Statistically, 75-90% of all doctor visits stem from lifestyle choices. Understanding the cause and philosophy behind inflammation will help you extinguish the ‘flames’ plaguing your health”

-Dr. Todd Frisch

For More Information check out:



This Event is at:

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

315 Doris Dr.

Lakeland, FL 33813


7 Reasons Why Functional Medicine is FOR YOU

Why Functional Medicine?  Well, if you’re not sleeping well, seem cranky all day and your stomach seem always upset.  In addition you’re feeling a bit down and just can’t figure out why.  You head to your primary physician for—if you’re lucky—a 10-minute talk about what’s going on with you. The physician listens, nods his/her head a few times and then hands you a prescription or two, shakes your hand, and says “this should help”.  Case closed unless you call for another appointment.

You get home and Google the prescribed drugs to read all the potential side effects, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness, confusion, thoughts of suicide, lower sex drive and the list goes on.  Does this approach actually make anyone better? In a word, no.  It’s an attempt to mask the actual cause of your symptoms verses address them to heal.

Why Functional Medicine?

It’s the most profound and effective way to treat patients—particularly those with chronic health issues and here’s the 7 reasons why Functional Medicine is FOR YOU:

1. Functional Medicine is all about you

In simplest terms, think of it as the ultimate in personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic relationships. It’s a health-focused, patient-centric partnership, in which doctor and patient work together to dig deep and find out the causes of illness and disease. We examine not only the patient, but also their unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors, and then develop a health-enhancing, usually drug-free plan to help restore the patient to good health and get him or her on a life-long path of wellness. With Functional Medicine, we look beyond the laundry list of symptoms; the whole person is taken into account.

3. Functional Medicine is not assembly-line medicine

Our current healthcare system is, to a large extent, governed by profit-driven conglomerates that essentially force physicians to manage huge caseloads and keep people moving through the system as quickly as possible. It’s mass-produced, assembly line, quick-fix, put-a-band-aid-on-it medicine, with little hope of creating long-term health. To it’s credit however, Conventional Medicine is great at managing medical and surgical emergencies, medical crises, acute infections and trauma, but falls way short when it comes to treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, functional disorders, musculoskeletal problems and stress related disorders. This is where Functional Medicine is near perfect with its more comprehensive, thoughtful individual approach.  After all, you are unique and so should your health recovery plan be.

2. Functional Medicine is artisan medicine

With Functional Medicine, the patient experience is anything but conventional. One might even call it ‘artisan medicine’, because it an art of balance, involves time, care and patience, since true healing doesn’t happen overnight. With Functional Medicine, we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has. It’s not unusual for my colleagues and me to spend an hour or more with patients, listening to their histories, doing the detective work, asking questions, and examining the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle patterns that effect health. By addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease, Functional Medicine practitioners are able to design unique, personalized healing plans that Conventional Medicine literally doesn’t have the tools, training, or the time for.

Why Functional Medicine is For You Holistic homeopathic Herbal Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida Polk County

4. Functional Medicine is the best of both worlds

Functional Medicine is not an either/or system, but rather a true combination of Conventional Medicine and many different alternative and complementary therapies. It acknowledges the strengths of Conventional Medicine for acute and crisis-care, but also realizes that this approach does not have the tools for preventing and treating chronic diseases. Unlike conventional physicians, we are able to tap into all the tools of healing—drawing from Western, Eastern, alternative, preventative and integrative medical practices—to help our patients heal. By pulling from all of these approaches and by paying special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation and the workings of the mind, we’re not just giving patients a band-aid, we’re giving them the tools to create sustainable wellness and vitality. To me, is what true healing is all about.

5. Functional Medicine looks for the cause

In Conventional Medicine, doctors try to make a diagnosis and then apply a treatment for that particular diagnosis. In Functional Medicine we are less concerned with making a diagnosis and more concerned with the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions. These are the mechanisms of the disease process. We aim at treating those underlying disease mechanisms and ultimately look for the causes of those imbalances.

6. Functional Medicine is medicine on a mission

I call myself a health evangelist, in part because I am a man on a mission. I aim to show the unwell how they can transform their health. Certainly they will need to do the work as I can’t do it for them, but we will work as partners to restore balance and health to their lives. And participating in the process, that slow transition from illness to wellness, is one of the greatest joys of Functional Medicine—for both patient and practitioner.

7. Functional Medicine is true Health Care

Functional Medicine is true health care, unlike the disease care model of Conventional Medicine. We now have the knowledge to go beyond the current crisis care model and offer patients a much better approach to their health. We can incorporate lifestyle medicine, nutrition, supplements, stress reduction and exercise to improve the functioning of organs as a means of preventing disease and creating vibrant, sustainable health.

Functional Medicine is literally FOR YOU.

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