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The United States is only one of two countries in the WORLD that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to consumers.

USA is 5% of the World Population

USA Consumes 75% of the World's Prescription Drugs

Adage: an expression or phrase conveying wisdom, although the expression should not be interpreted literally.

Big Pharma Run Amok

Consider the adage, “He who pays the piper calls the tune”… this proverb resonates HOW western medicine is “broken”.

Prescription Drug Counseling Reduce Get Off Pills Holistic Approach Addiction Side Effects Symptoms Holistic Recovery Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central FloridaDid you know that only two of the world’s 195 nations (US and New Zealand) allow direct to consumer [DTC] marketing for prescription drugs? DTC advertising was first enacted under President George W. Bush’s term. Sadly, after DTC permissions were in place, and ads became commonplace, further deregulation subverted the US FDA agency’s authority for halting misinformation in DTC ads. Big Pharma Conglomerates have proceeded to air inaccurate and highly biased messages in their radio and TV advertising.  Truth in advertising is dead.

Citizens of the US are drowned by misrepresented strategic prescription drug messages numerous times a day! TV commercials portray happy, good-looking actors who pledge loyalty to certain branded drugs.  Some actors share their gratitude for the ‘healing’ they’ve experienced. Subtly, popular media has chiseled messages into the grey matter of American viewers / listeners. Wise consumers pause to recall that an advertising agency has paid these actors and radio spokespersons. Most other people, though, will accept media messages at face value. Alas, since the governmental regulations have swung toward leniency, Americans seem to believe what the Big Pharma shareholders would like them to believe. “He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

Here’s a second important downside to the fact that mass media is ‘without’ conscience –medical prescribers have been yielding when their patients’ request specific drugs (e.g., research review by Frosch et.al.1). Hence, the Big Pharma conglomerates fix consumer notions that their branded drug will “heal” (invoked via subliminal messaging rather than through explicit persuasion). This unfortunately activates patients to request specific drug products during an office visits. Sometimes the brand drug that a patient has requested is less effective and has a larger side effect liability than older and less expensive prescription drugs. The most important point, however, is that… when a charade like this unfolds… Big Pharma sales TRUMP prescriber training and patient well-being. Further research is needed on the clinical and economic impacts of DTC advertising, but it remains banned in 193 out of 195 nations.

We strive to give only accurate and genuine information to our patients. A coercively sterilized consideration is promised to all patients, which sets-aside the promotions of drug companies, to focus only on patient care.

Do You Want to Feel Better?

We will provide:

  1. Disease assessment and management
  2. Drug regimen review
  3. Patient counselling
  4. Medication delivery systems
  5. Drug information
  6. Medication therapy management services
  7. Patient-focused activities
  8. Facility focused activities such as establishing policies and procedure for medication use
  9. Out-patient compliance packaging

Prescription Drug Counseling with Dr. Catherine

Herbal Suppliments Holistic Approach Prescription Drug Counseling Reduction Reduce Get Off Pills Back to Nature Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

Nature provides many remedies to work with or replace prescription drugs typically without side effects.

Dr. Catherine Onuoha attended the Medical College of Virginia for her PhD in both Pharmacology and Toxicology and later recieved her certification as a BCPP (Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist).  While Dr. Catherine has not had training as an MD, her strong background in medical academia and pharmacology make her an expert at managing medications as she aims to bring patient’s toward lower prescription drug dependence.  Although she sees patients with a variety of issues, her specialties can roughly divide into 2 focus areas:

  1. Hormonal health
  2. Psychiatric pharmaceutical counseling

Dr. Catherine is a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) and she embraces medication adjustment (Onuoha skillfully assists her patients to get OFF of troubling and side-effect laden medications). ADHD is a focus area and Psychometric testing is performed on site.

Dr. Catherine Onuoha has written 26 articles/books on neural function and psychiatric dysfunction. Psychiatric medications are distributed freely in our society and are inadequately explained to drug recipients. Dr Onuoha combines dietary initiatives and cognitive treatment modalities (truly holistic treatments!). When downsizing Prescription loads, Onuoha seeks a medically safe discontinuation strategy.

Hormones are neural mediators! Hence, we balance hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, Thyroid). Hormonal rebalancing can greatly improve depression & anxiety. Through advocacy psychiatric medication regimens are managed with an eye to drug reduction. Serotonin/ Dopamine/ and Norepinephrine mediators are measured. Acupuncture and personalized counseling is embraced and naturopathic/ herbal treatments are given.


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1. Frosch D, et.al.(2010) American Journal of Public Health, Vol 100; Issue 1