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Natural Treatment Modalities for Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in society today. New statistics show that the top killer of American citizens is Heart Disease, and this implicates conditions such as stroke and congestive heart failure. The same statistical workup shows cancer as the second most common cause of deaths in the United States. Cancer is a condition that pulls at the average American’s heart-strings; cancer troubles us because this disease state is debilitating, and treatments are usually extended across many years. For many cancer survivors, this statement is submitted as truth:

“The cancer itself would be enough to drain me, but when chemo and other immunological treatments are added in….it really takes a toll, and is exhausting”.

Doctors and patients are aware, in advance of chemotherapy treatments, that such medical treatment may render a depleted feeling in the patient. The over-arching rationale is to stop the cancer from growing. More specifically chemotherapy damages genes on the chromosomes inside cancer cells. The central goal, when administering chemotherapy, is to impact cancer cells *selectively*, and to spare most normal cells. However because chemotherapeutic drugs travel throughout the body, they can affect normal somatic cells, albeit unintentionally.

Loss or damage to normal somatic cells provokes a number of deleterious effects such as fatigue, malnutrition, hair loss, weight loss, etc. To offset some of these unwanted effects, the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland offers supportive treatments. Our staff at the Natural Medicine Center can work adjunctively with Oncologists and Cancer-Center Specialists. Fact: Natural and Allopathic treatment approaches can complement one another—which serves patients better as they strive to restore and regain their vitality. Our offerings include Supplements and Energy Treatments to hasten cellular / tissue repair. Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Energy Treatments are also reputed to reinforce a patient’s immune system [1], which provides advantages for cancer recovery.

While living with cancer will always be a struggle, we believe it shouldn’t end a person’s ability enjoy life. All of our recommended treatments and lifestyle changes for cancer patients aim to bring them back some of the energy and positive well-being that their illness may have taken away. Although there is no definitive cure for cancer, recovery is more possible than many people are led to believe.

Cancer Patient Services at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

  • Nutritional Counseling – Hallelujah and Living Foods Diet Programs
    • Our diet programs emphasize a high amount of vegetables and fruit and a conservative intake of meat. We also host a small farmers market at our clinic every Friday to encourage our patients to eat fresh and healthy.
  • IV Therapy – High Dose Vitamin C
    • Once a week we administer IV infusions of natural supplements at our clinic.   In particular, studies have found that high doses of Vitamin C which can only be achieved through IV infusion can have a significant oxidant (and tumor cell eradicating) impact [2].
  • Natural Supplements such as Vitamin B17
    • We carry a wide range of natural supplements to meet any person’s dietary or nutritional needs. Dr. Catherine Onuoha, PhD can also guide patients to which supplements are best for their specific needs.
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
    • The drug Naltrexone is best known for actions at Opioid Receptors (implying significant brain effects). However, research has shown a unique action for low dosages of Naltrexone (abbreviated LDN). LDN pharmacologic effects seen to be entirely independent of Opioid receptor effects. Many scientists have shown LDN can improve the immune function(s) [3].
  • Energetic Correction via Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapies
    • Our PEMF machine improves oxygenation of body tissues and supports the natural healing systems of the body[5].
  • Detoxification through our Infrared Sauna
    • Detoxification is an important part of recovering from a major illness such as cancer. In addition to detox guidance from Dr. Catherine, our clinic also has an Infrared Sauna which uses gentle infrared heat to penetrate and detoxify the body.

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Nutrition and Cancer

One of the most vital steps to improving your health and fighting off any illness is to have a proper diet and nutritional plan. Especially with the malnourishment which cancer brings on, it’s important for patients to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients either from their diet or from natural supplements[6]. Our staff at the Natural Medicine Center can advise patients on what foods and diet plans are best for building the immune system and fighting cancer.

For more on nutrition and cancer, watch the video we have below with Dr. Quilin from The Truth About Cancer:

Cancer and Detoxification

The Natural Medicine Centers’ advice and emphasis on ingesting adequate nutrients, to empower healing processes, is balanced by secondary advice to DETOX! We ask you to understand ‘toxins’ as harm-provoking, miniscule substances—and toxins are everywhere in modern living environments. Toxins abound in car exhaust, processed foods, chemical additives, cosmetics, plastics…etc. We at the Natural Medicine Center contend, “It is nearly impossible for citizens to avoid absorbing toxins”. This is why our staff stress the importance of frequent DETOX treatments. Detoxification regimens are especially beneficial for those facing a major health issue such as cancer. Detoxification is assisted by: regular exercise, a vegetable / fruit loaded diets, IV infusion or oral ingestion of glutathione, and regular use of PEMF therapy devices plus Infrared sauna machines.

For more on a specific detox regimen, please watch the video below from The Truth About Cancer:

Cancer Monitoring Through Thermography

Digital Medical Thermography utilizes an Infrared technology to thermally image body tissues. Any excesses in a patient’s hot or cold body impressions are interpretable. Said differently, a patient’s hot and cold patterns can be discerned by specialists who correlate health or disruptions in tissue based upon thermal scans. For instance, areas of inflammation will emerge as *HOT*. Thermography is described within the “Truth about Cancer” video-series as a preventative imaging strategy [7]. Thermography can also be used to actively monitor the progression of a known carcinogenic tumor—hence monitoring metastatic progression and/or tumor growth.

For more on how thermography can be used to monitor body and breast health, please watch the video below:

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