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DETOX: How and Why

DETOX: How and Why

Your body is constantly under assault from toxins in the environment around us.  From processed foods, airborne pollutants, as well as negative emotions such as stress, toxins are impossible to avoid. The toxin load we encounter daily weighs us down with fatigue, irritability, and sometimes physical reactions such as allergies and skin irritation.  While it may not be possible to eliminate all toxins in our life, limiting these toxins and detoxifying the body can restore energy and improve overall well-being.

While proper diet and exercise are the two most important factors of a detox, we offer a number of services to help your body reach a healthier state. At the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland, we promote and facilitate detoxification through our energy medicine, infrared sauna, IV nutritional therapies and thermographic examination.

PEMF BEMER therapy improves blood flow and increases oxygen in the blood.  This increased oxygen and circulation of blood stimulates the immune and lymph systems which works to drain the body of toxins.

Much like a traditional sauna, our infrared sauna uses the healing power of heat to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.  However, the infrared technology of our sauna produces a lower intensity heat that is able to penetrate deeper in the body, removing toxins that a traditional sauna would miss

Finally, through Thermography we are able to track the changes that detoxification has on your body.  While primarily used to screen for breast cancer, Thermography shows us areas of inflammation and abnormalities within the body.  These markers allow us to see what areas of the body are more toxic and help guide us with how to properly detox and treat the abnormalities.


Lastly, IV Glutathione Therapy acts principally on liver and brain tissues. Research suggests glutathione therapy can lead patients to an improved memory, while also helping to lower the risk for dementia conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. Other IV therapies can also be a great part of a detox effort including Myer’s cocktail and high dose vitamin c, and hydrogen peroxide. IV services are offered 1 time weekly at The Natural Medicine Center and are ALL preservative free.


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