Meet Our team of Professionals at Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

Dr Catherine Onuoha - Professional Thermographer at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland Florida Holistic Health Care Practioner

Catherine Onuoha

Professional Thermographer and consultant pharmacist Dr. Catherine Onuoha was classically trained to appreciate Western Medical techniques at the Medical College of Virginia (MCV).  The PhD she earned at MCV is a dual discipline doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology.  After receiving her PhD, Dr. Onuoha pursued pursued a research position in the field of neuroscience at the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research (WRAIR).

Once her research at WRAIR was completed, Dr. Catherine found work in academia to be rewarding. Dr. Catherine held professorial posts for more than a decade, teaching within public and private institutions. Her teaching charge was to educate fledgling professionals across many medical specialties (Pharmacists, Nurses, Doctor of Orthopedics, Anesthetists, and Physician Assistants).

Throughout her academic years, Dr. Catherine dedicated some time each week to consultations with a patient base either within hospital clinics or in outpatient settings. Patient care continues to hold priority in Dr. Catherine’s work week. She is passionate about providing her patients compassionate, need-based medical care from a functional and natural healing perspective.

Although Dr. Catherine portends professorial work is meaningful, in fact, she loved it–a wee voice of intuition began working within her during 2014. To honor and trust this intuition, she began searching clinic work environments and was resolute in her quest to devote all of her time to patient care.

In January of 2015, Dr. Catherine joined Carol Chandler D.O.M. at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland. The two formed an easy collaboration since they share a similar vision of homeopathic healthcare in accordance with Natural and Alternative Healthcare methods.

Carol Chandler, D.O.M. and Dr. Catherine collaboratively have continued the tradition of utilizing Thermography as a powerful discovery tool to help clients far and near our community to achieve optimal health. Dr. Catherine is professionally trained to use Thermography as a unique tool to transduce physiologic changes. Dr. Catherine secondarily completed a rigorous training regimen under Dr. Carol Chandler a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Master Herbalist.

Since April of 2015 Dr. Catherine has assumed responsibility for running the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland and seeing patients here at this clinic.  While Dr. Catherine sees patients here at NMC and runs the day to day operations, she is assisted by her physician supervisor Doctor Justin Strittmatter who oversees medication/treatment decisions.

Dr. William Cortes, PharmD, MBA, RPh, CPh (“Will”)

Will Cortes started providing professional services at Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland, Holistic Care and Recovery in May of 2021 as a Compounding Pharmacist for IV Nutritional Therapy.

He graduated with his BS in Pharmaceutical Management from Rutgers University then earned his MBA and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2017. Will was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Lakeland in 2017 to start his career in community pharmacy.

After working at flagship sites for two major pharmacy chains and filling hundreds of prescriptions daily while only getting to speak directly to a handful of patients every day. It was apparent to be “sick-care” not healthcare and Will became disillusioned with this traditional healthcare. This is when he turned to Dr Catherine, for direct mentorship and training in a Functional Medicine. He also began gaining clinical experience while working as a pharmacist at Central Florida Health Care in 2021 and continues to work there full time, where he sits on the Chair of the Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics Committee, Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, and has lectured Physicians and Nurse Practitioners about safe and effective medication therapy uses for obesity and diabetes management.

Also, taking into account profit drivers for pharmaceutical companies, and first hand experience dealing with third party payers and drug manufacturers that can have detrimental effects to patients health; William chooses rather to be a true advocate for patients and focuses on enriching lives through patient care in functional medicine/pharmacy. He has dedicated his time over the past two years to over 140 hours of continuing education to earn multiple specialty certificates in Self-Care, Integrative Pharmacy, and Food to Pharmacy Connection. William is currently completing an Individualized Medicine program with the Mayo Clinic for integrating pharmacogenomics into clinical practice.

He is licensed in Florida as a Consultant Pharmacist, with advanced practice certifications in Test and Treat, Immunizations, and Collaborative Practice.

“I am looking forward to making a positive impact on patient care and building relationships that will contribute lasting outcomes.,” stated Will. “As a bilingual Consultant Pharmacist, I hope to establish a safe and trusting environment that creates patient loyalty to improve understanding of their conditions and implement a plan of action to help reduce the number of prescription drugs needed.”

William strives to provide an individualized approach to identify and assess potentially inappropriate medication use for optimization or possible discontinuation of therapy.

Will said he looks “forward to be able to continually develop myself professionally with continuing education and establish relationships with patients to help foster this growth.”

He is passionate about providing genuine care as well as setting and accomplishing goals. “Through my practice, I notice the power of providing genuine care to engage patients and realize significant outcomes,” he continues to say that “my resiliency and determination to set and accomplish goals has been my lifelong passion.”

Will enjoys riding bicycles, hiking, gardening, yoga, cooking, and traveling when able. Will loves to spend time with family, friends, pets, and holds a true desire to support human rights and equality for all.


One of his favorite quotes is, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!” This ties into his belief and lifelong goal to set and accomplish his goals through sheer will power.

Dara Certified Medical Thermography Breast Cancer Screening Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

Darla Willmore
B.A., Clinical Thermographer

Darla earned a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Xavier University and spent 7 years in Sales and Business Marketing. Darla joined the Natural Medicine Center as a Clinical Thermographer in April 2015. Darla performs most of the thermal scans done at MyLife Preventive Imaging and The Natural Medicine Center. She is also trained in natural living and herbal medicine. Darla is the Case Manager at MyLife Preventive Imaging and handles the Marketing Department at The Natural Medicine Center. Darla is currently working toward a holistic nutrition certification. She hopes to provide cutting edge and ever-growing nutritional services and advice for the company for years to come.