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Medical Thermography can Image the whole body.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is a very important and unique Health Discovery Technology.  It provides thousands of patients with peace of mind when they are confused about new or unusually concerning health symptoms.  Thermography is backed by an ever-growing body of research studies demonstrating its effectiveness and benefits.

Infrared Thermography detects thermal abnormalities and inflammation which is often the first sign of a developing disease and is a safe and painless procedure as no radiation is used in the imaging process.  Thermography Test can also assist in the discovery of the state of health in general.

It has also been effective in visualizing the following: (not an exhaustive listing)

  • Metastatic abnormalities, Deep Tissue Lesions or Cysts
  • Thyroid Gland Function
  • Sinus Issues
  • Headaches (e.g. vascular, sinus, allergy)
  • Dental Issues (e.g. gingivitis, failed root canals)
  • Stroke
  • Breast Health Monitoring (e.g. tumors, cysts, lymphatic congestion)
  • Back & Spinal Issues
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Nerve Function Issues
  • Faults in Blood Circulation (e.g. phlebitis)
  • Allergic conditions (food or environmental)
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  • Urology Disorders
  • GI Tract / Digestion Disorders
  • Endocrine Gland Disorders
  • Liver Disorders
  • Autoimmune Disorders (M.S., Fibromyalgia, Vasculitis)
  • and much more

It can also be used to monitor the progress of treatments.  By having a clear picture of the body before and after a treatment patients can utilize thermography to determine how effective a specific treatment has been.

Breast Thermography Reviews

Why use Thermography?

It has been determined through extensive clinical studies over the past two decades that inflammation is not just a result of sickness, but the actual CAUSE of serious, life-threatening diseases like heart diseases, metastatic abnormalities, and diabetes. Inflammation, most often caused initially by the biochemical results of stress, creates an environment that allows these kinds of diseases to establish and flourish. This condition is silent but not invisible.  With a medical infrared camera and experienced thermographer much can be found safely and non-invasively.  Knowledge offers the power to take control of your future health and the length and quality of your life.

Besides, it’s painless and affordable!

The Best Breast Test: The Promise of Thermography – Huffington Post

The most promising aspect of thermography is its ability to spot anomalies years before alternate screening techniques. Using the same data from the 10-year study, researchers H. Spitalier and D. Giruaud determined that thermography alone was the first alarm in 60 percent of the cases of women who were eventually diagnosed with serious breast disease.

Suzanne Shaw Interview on Breast Thermography

Dr. Saputo on Breast Thermography

How Thermographic Preventive Imaging approach can help you:

Once we can determine the state of your health at an exact moment through our high-resolution 3D imaging technique, we can guide you to take control by practicing a lifestyle that limits or even eliminates the risks caused by inflammation and stress.

Professional Medical Thermography Imaging Setting Patient Privacy Screens Compassionate Holistic Healthcare Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

Professional medical thermography imaging setting equipped with patient privacy screens

We can help you reduce stress.  Though we can’t control what happens to us during our lives, how we respond to what happens is the key to controlling stress and disease.

We can guide you to detoxify your body and how to control inflammation with food choices and so much more. Through this process, we can easily monitor your improvement!

Thermography is a Discovery Technology (DT) and the thermography professionals here at the Natural Medicine Center use this tool to advocate healing one’s body naturally. Our aim is to set or guide integrated body functions to an original (native) functional state. Our goal when imaging and  interpreting results is to find the root cause of any bodily abnormalities and not to only treat the present symptoms.

The thermographic discovery approach is painless, affordable, non-invasive, and radiation-free.

Our knowledgeable team is well versed in the field of functional medicine. We do not endorse sequel additions of drug therapy after drug therapy. Our practitioners are advocates of preventive style medicine and natural healing. We also would work with your primary doctor when necessary or per client request.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a unique technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the infrared patterns of the body. It is different than other screening tools because it helps us to see function (physiology). MRI, X-ray, and other classical breast imaging techniques are different in that they pin point anatomical rather than functional changes.  This means that differences in function are made clear by thermography because blood and lymph channels can be subtly changed during disease ontogenesis.  A vital goal for integrative medicine practitioners is to observe functioning blood shifts (i.e. assess circulation in real-time).  A second initiative, besides the desire to see circulatory shifts, is to view lymphatic shifts.  Circulatory channels and blood flow rates are important.  Many Americans do not recognize that the growth and development of blood vessels is important because the pathophysiology a number of serious illness involves neo-vascularization (also called angiogenisis).  Lymph flow patterns are also important and many Americans do not recognize that lymphatic drainage leads directly to immune function.  By tracking blood and lymph flow thermography has been shown to be effective in finding early signs of disease formation years before any noticeable symptoms begin to appear.

There are 3 areas that Thermography is useful:

  • Inflammatory Phenomena- This could include early detection of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Fibromyalgia or trauma such as strains, sprains or chronic pain.
  • Neovascular Phenomena – Many disease are fed by the body’s own blood supply. This development of early vascularity is detected well before anatomical changes occur that will be detected with other screening tools.
  • Neurological Phenomena – Chronic regional pain syndrome, nerve irritation can cause referred pain in other areas. Circulatory deficits are easily seen in thermographic images.

Thermography has been comprehensively researched for over 30 years. While it is not a replacement for traditional imaging techniques, it may have many valuable assets including:

  • earlier detection of neovascular (blood supply) patterns
  • adjunct to inconclusive mammograms
  • improved detection for women with dense breasts or implants
  • An alternative for women who do not want to expose themselves to radiation
  • In 1982, the FDA approved breast thermography as an adjunct diagnostic breast screening procedure.
  • Of the extensive research conducted since the late 1950’s, well over 300,000 women have been included as study participants.
  • The size of the studies are very large: 10k, 37k, 60k, 85k
  • Some studies have followed participants up to 12 years.
  • Strict standardized interpretation protocols have been established for 15 years to remedy problems with early research.
  • Breast thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%which means our screening sessions succeed in identifying breast tumors in 9 out 10 afflicted women [1].
  • A thermal Imaging that comes back from our trained medical doctors as suspicious (termed an abnormal thermogram) is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast disease than a first order family history.
  • A persistently abnormal thermogram carries with it a 22x higher risk of future breast disease.

Like many alternative diagnostic tools or treatments, the facts are not always disclosed. Thermography was summarily dropped from breast screening in the 1980’s after only 1 year of use. The reason Thermography was dropped was that it was said to have ‘too many false positives’ and therefore was not specific enough. We point to studies revealing, impressively, a 97% sensitivity with thermography to discern breast lesions [2] . In contrast to thermography’s 97% capture sensitivity, a meta-analysis rated mammographic screening accuracy to be only 69%; and the meta-analytic study compiled screening outcomes from three consecutive decades [3] . Authors for the meta-analysis concluded mammography is a poor predictive tool . In summary, we find that many conventional doctors are misinformed about thermography. Sadly, ninety percent of conventional doctors know nothing of the digital infrared thermal technology and the other 10% seem to quote research from 22 years ago from a few small studies and ignore the plethora of positive research—let this good news travel fast!

Yes, as a routine screening tool, it has been shown to be 97% effective at detecting benign vs malignant breast abnormalities. (for more specific results on Thermographies proven accuracy please refer to our collection of research here).

While a variety of studies have called into question the safety of cumulative exposures to radiation, this is not the case with Thermography. Thermography uses no radiation and is 100% non invasive. This all makes Thermography great for frequent screening with no chance of danger.

The images are sent via a secured server to Physicians Insight Clinical Interpretation where a professional group of physicians who are trained in the protocols of reading Thermal images interpret the images. A very formal interpretation is made and sent to us where we will review the results and make suggestions or referrals if necessary. You are given a copy of the report and frequently we send copies of the reports to physicians for their records.

Thermography is not diagnostic but gives early risk factors. This is great news because an abnormal result from a thermogram is usually so early that it often buys time so that natural interventions such as herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes can influence the outcome. At the least, the condition can be closely monitored safely until conventional interventions need to be applied. It is important to recognize that early detection is the key to a good outcome. We will make recommendations or referrals as necessary.

Do You Want to Feel Better?

iScanHD Medical Thermograph Certified Professionals Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central FloridaWhy Choose Us


The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland with it’s MyLife Imaging professionals certified by the industry standard setting iScanHD Medical Imaging Center. The mission of iScanHD Centers is to create a standard of excellence; utilizing thermography as a significant screening tool for preventative healthcare.
Our thermograms are interpreted by Physicians Insight MD’s, a network of Board Certified Medical Doctors who specialize in infrared imaging analysis.

Physicians Insight Medical Doctors Interpretations of Medical Thermographic Images for Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central FloridaThermography detects sensitive and minute dynamic temperature changes of the skin. The skin functions as the communication hub for complex inter-connectivity of the body’s systems. Through infrared technology, (Thermography) the real-time story of the body can be revealed making  Thermography ideal for preventive medicine. Early detection and the opportunity for timely investigation and intervention are key advantages for both patient and physician.

The standards we uphold:

  • Certified clinical thermographers trained to scan using strict protocol developed for best patient compliance and results.
    International Association of Medical Thermographers IAMT Holistic Termogrophy Herbal Traditional Chinese Thermographic Images Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

    Certified Active Member

  • The scan interpretations by only board-certified medical doctors who are trained and certified in thermography imaging
  • Most current technology with the newest camera available with he highest medical grade HD resolution camera
  • The most innovative analytic software

What does this mean for you?

The ability to detect problems early on is a tremendous advantage that is gained through technological advances in the medical field. The best possible preventative healthcare screenings of full body or regions of interest scans without radiation, no pain, noninvasive, and in total privacy. This is the standard we believe in for the preventative state of healthcare.

When selecting a medical thermography service, it is important to look for five criterias:

Camera – Hardware to capture the thermal image.
Software – Image analysis
Protocols and techniques – Follow strict standards for thermal image evaluation
Technicians – Training and certification qualifications
Interpretations of Images – From a MD board certified and trained in Thermology.

What Others Say

My appointment at Natural Medicine Center last week was wonderful. Winslow did a great job! My appointment was at the end of the day, so we had time to chat after my appointment. I found her to be very down to earth and very helpful. Mr. Ken was also great, and we had a great time just sharing things from our backgrounds. I would definitely recommend this team. I had not had an appointment since Dr. Onuoha took over and was a little apprehensive but was very satisfied with my appointment.

Nancy W. – Lakeland, Florida

Why am I opting out of mammograms and doing this [Thermography] breast cancer screening instead?

Breast cancer is over diagnosed and over treated.  And yet paradoxically mammograms too often fail to detect cancers that kill. It's time for a radical shift

PLEASE, ladies, consider adding Breast Thermography to your screening.

It has changed my life.

Laura G. – Lakeland, Florida

I was grateful to finally have a thermography session. It was simple and easy. I was happy to learn about my breast health without having to radiate to determine. It was also useful to learn other things about my health that I now have the opportunity to address before they become more serious. I could learn about this worthwhile and safe diagnostic opportunity in Lakeland, Florida, which I would highly recommend to everyone.

"My imaging experience was simple, non-invasive and painless! I was back to my regular routine in less than an hour!"
Elisa S., Lakeland, Florida
"I was impressed with how ON TIME my appointment was. I'm used to waiting over an hour for medical tests. MyLife Preventive Imaging is different. The atmosphere is lovely, the people are great to work with and I had my results in about a week!"
Yvonne M., Winter Haven FL