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Thermography after COVID


Darla Fleche, has been a clinical thermographer at Natural Medicine Center since 2015. Darla reports that in her practice, she is seeing a lot of patients who have recovered from COVID but now have new health challenges that have emerged after their infections.


‘COVID seems to affect everyone a little differently. Some examples of post covid symptoms we have seen a lot of are: hair loss, GERD, cognitive issues, fatigue, respiratory issues or a generally low immune system.’ Says Darla. 

‘With thermography, we can see where in your body, you may be struggling with inflammation after your COVID infection. This is valuable to you! Inflammation is the first stage of disease. We can help you target that region and nip that inflammation in the bud before in progresses into a bigger problem. We can help you inflamm-age gracefully! :)’


The Natural Medicine Center also has many powerful *natural wellness* tools to help you rid your body of inflammation after it is detected with thermography!

IV Nutritional Therapy



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Thermography for Breast Health


Breast Health Awareness Month


      Every year October is a month that we dedicate to ‘Breast Health Awareness’. We invite you to celebrate this with us at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland. Thermography is a great place to start with any holistic healthcare agenda because thermography is a discovery tool. It is a radiation free/ noninvasive way to look inside your body. Through this infrared medical technology we can detect unusual heat patterns that suggest healing problems, inflammation or nerve issues.

      Thermography is more popular and researched with breast imaging than any other region of the body. During your 30 minute imaging appointment, thermographic images will detect breast abnormalities, general inflammation, and hormonal imbalances. Because thermography can detect these challenges up to 7 years before symptoms occur, you are serving yourself by using thermography as a risk indicator (before symptoms occur).
      With this annual *risk indicator* visit, you are allowing yourself the time you need to heal and eliminate toxins that may be present before they manifest into a serious healing crisis. If you have symptoms, we urge you to get started with your breast health plan today.
      Younger women will benefit from *risk indicator* visits as well. Fibroglandular and dense breast tissue is unique to each women and can be observed thermally in women from at least 20 years of age. This annual thermography appointment will serve women as young as 20 years old, by informing them of their individual risk, hormonal issues, and toxic load. From there, the Natural Medicine Center will provide expert advice and guidance in creating an effective and supportive care plan.

      In honor of breast health awareness month, we would like to offer you $20 off breast scans through November 30. This visit still ncludes your imaging, your official report and a follow up visit with our Doctor. At the follow up visit we will review your MD interpreted imaging report and create a wellness plan. The Natural Medicine Center has so much more to offer you after your thermography appointment. We provide an herbal pharmacy, infrared sauna, PEMF therapy, IV therapy, hormone testing, and prescriptive authority to support your breast health.


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Light Therapy


Origins of Light Therapy


For centuries different cultures and civilizations have realized the healing and therapeutic power of light and our ultimate source of light and life on this planet, the sun.  In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome specially designed rooms were created for helio-therapy (sun-therapy) and many of their buildings strongly emphasized allowing as much natural light as possible in.  Jump ahead to 1903 and the first widely recognized practitioner of light therapy, Niels Ryberg Finsen, was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his work in curing patients with conditions such as Lupus through exposure to sunlight.  While the benefits of sunlight have long been appreciated, it is only over the past few decades that we are beginning to understand why sunlight is so special and important for us to expose ourselves to.

Unfortunately, light therapy and alternative medicine in general fell out of favor with the general public and the American government in the 1950’s, due mainly to the rise of widespread pharmaceutical medications and a call for more rigorously tested evidence based treatments.  While the push for more science based medicine has obviously lead to many benefits, the discrediting of light therapy and other alternative methods which were previously shown to bring about positive change in a number of areas is truly a travesty.  Ironically, a few years before turning against light therapy and its practitioners, an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association published an ad saying, “Light is to health and happiness as darkness is to disease and despair”.  It wasn’t until the 1980’s that light therapy began to be accepted as a widespread practice once again.  Sadly, for now light therapy in America is almost exclusively viewed as an anti-aging and cosmetic therapy and is not fully appreciated for its myriad of other health and wellness benefits it has to offer.


Sunlight: The Gold Standard of Light


The reason sunlight is the gold standard of light is because it contains every aspect of the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation.  Although we are accustomed to thinking of radiation as a negative or dangerous thing, there is a wide range of radiation frequencies with many of them being harmless or even beneficial.  As you can see in the graph below, the longer wavelengths of radio waves, microwaves, and sunlight are things that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis and it is only the more rapid short wavelengths of x-rays and gamma rays that are severely damaging.

Within this broad range of radiation visible light only takes up a small portion of the spectrum.  Contained in visible light are the various colors which can be seen during a rainbow.  The reason sunlight appears slightly yellow or white is due to the combination of these various wavelengths of light. It is only when we separate sunlight into its various wavelengths either through a prism or water can we see the various colors contained in sunlight – this is what creates our multi-colored rainbows after it rains.   Below you can see a graph showing the range of wavelengths and colors that the sun emits.

While the sun peaks in the blue portion, it has a relatively even distribution of all the colors.  On the other hand, many artificially made lights are deficient in certain parts of the spectrum which can cause various issues such as sleep disturbances.  A growing health concern called Blue Light Hazard is the potential for artificially made lights which emit high amounts of blue light to damage retinas and cause sleep issues.  In a world where so many people (and especially children) are often glued to a digital screen for hours a day this issue is being taken rather seriously with many cell phones and other devices adding an optional blue light filter to limit the amount of blue light their device emits.  While too much artificial light can be damaging, there are many positive ways in which technology has learned to harness the healing powers of light and color.


Chromo-therapy: Healing with Color


One of the most important things to realize about light is the importance of color.  Far from being purely cosmetic, each color correlates to specific wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum making each color unique in the energy it emits and how it interacts with human physiology.  Red light is especially beneficial for accelerating the reproduction of our skin and cells due to its closeness to infrared on the electromagnetic spectrum.  Another example of a specific color being used for the unique properties of its wavelength is blue light to treat jaundice in newborns.  Jaundice occurs when there is an excess of bilirubin in the blood – blue light causes photo-oxidation which increases the oxygenation in the new-born’s blood and makes it easier for their liver to break down the bilirubin.  Below is a picture of a newborn being exposed to blue light through a “Bili-blanket”.


Light Affects Our Whole Body


While light is primarily thought of as visual phenomena, light interacts with many other parts of our body.  For example, our circadian rhythm which controls our sleep patterns is heavily influenced by the presence or absence of light.  As part of our daily sleep patterns, our circadian rhythm also has a large effect on the secretion of hormones and other neurotransmitters meaning that an imbalance of sunlight can cause issues in these areas.  This is one major reason why people with very low exposure to sunlight either through the location they live in or a sedentary indoors lifestyle often develop SAD (Seasonal Affective Depression).

Another example of the non-visual ways in which our body interacts with light and one of the most proven and commonly used light therapy treatments is with photo-biomodulation.  Photo-biomodulation is essentially the ability for light to penetrate into our skin and stimulate our cells to cause an increase in energy production.  This process allows us to harness the power of light in order to speed up the body’s natural regenerative process in healing itself from minor and major wounds.  Look at the picture below to see the amazing results that come from light therapy that takes advantage of this fascinating biological process.

Light Therapy through Bioptron


For all of these reasons and more, we are excited to introduce the Bioptron Light Therapy System which we now offer at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.  Bioptron is one of the leading light therapy systems throughout Europe and has been certified by the FDA as a pain management device and can be used to help treat a number of conditions.  Bioptron is primarily used for pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and many more.  A recent study looking at the recovery rates of those healing from an ulcer with Bioptron Light Therapy found that those in the experimental Bioptron group recovered significantly quicker than those in the control group.

(Bioptron Session In Progress – Light therapy is so harmless that even children can benefit from it!)

Bioptron and other light therapy devices work by supplying the affected area with light that can penetrate into the skin and stimulate your cells to produce more energy.  .  In addition to speeding up the healing process of minor and major wounds, the light from Bioptron is also exceptionally good for keeping your skin looking young and healthy.  In fact, Bioptron recently won the award for the best anti-aging device at the aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress in 2014.  Not only is light therapy great for increased healing and cosmetic purposes, but Bioptron can also help to stabilize and lift mood as well as alleviate feelings of anxiety. 

Humans need sunlight, and unfortunately in today’s modern world most of us get far too little; by using Bioptron you can give your body the light it craves and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue that are often the result of an indoors and sedentary lifestyle.  Bioptron Light Therapy is harmless, non-invasive, side effect free, as well as an enjoyable method to reduce pain and improve your mood and mental state.  For more information on Bioptron we highly recommend you go their website below to see testimonials from patients and doctors across the globe:



Azeemi, S. T., & Raza, S. M. (2005). A critical analysis of chromotherapy and its scientific evolution. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2(4), 481–488.

Martel, Anadi. (2018)  Light Therapies: A Complete Guide to the Healing Powers of Light.  Healing Arts Press.  Rochester VT.

Durovic, Aleksander, et al. (2008) The effects of polarized light therapy in pressure ulcer healing. Vojnosanit Pregl, Belgrade.

Blood test Vials

Convenient and Affordable Lab Testing – Regardless of Insurance

Have you been putting off getting lab-work done due to the cost or inconvenience? 

While regular lab testing may seem like an unnecessary luxury to those without proper medical insurance, here at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland we are dedicated to making this process convenient and affordable, especially for those uninsured.  If you are already an established patient with us the paper-work and waiting time will be extremely minimal and you should be in and out of our clinic in 15-20 minutes.  Even if you are unfamiliar with our clinic we will be fully able to assist you in getting your lab work so that you can keep it for your own personal records or to bring it to your primary care physician.

Our primary doctor, Catherine Onuoha, will discuss with patients the significance of each lab test being recommended and can work to reduce the number of tests if price is an issue.  We can also supply patients with a preliminary invoice of the cost of various labs so that they know their final total and the individual lab-test costs.

Don’t wait for minor symptoms to become major!

Issues such as thyroid and or hormone imbalance are often misdiagnosed or ignored leaving their symptoms un-medicated or improperly treated.  If you frequently suffer from common thyroid issues such as fatigue, weakness, and muscle aches, or hormone symptoms such as heavy periods, hot flashes, and indigestion, it is very likely that your hormone or thyroid levels are out of balance.  Once we receive your results we will call to let you know and offer to send it by physical mail or e-mail.  While we encourage our patients to discuss their results with Dr. Catherine to begin a medication regimen to bring their levels back to a state of balance, our patients are more than free to take their results to their primary care physician or to hold on to them for their own personal records.

Serious diseases often take months or years to develop and the more noticeable signs and symptoms might not appear till the disease is already manifested.  Through lab tests you are able to pin-point problems at an early stage and intervene before an issue becomes serious.  While paying for lab-work while healthy might seem like a waste, the chart below demonstrates how expensive, unpleasant, and time consuming an un-managed disease can be.

Take control of your health and empower yourself with the knowledge of how your body is functioning and see how simple changes can lead to drastic results!

Below are some of the prices for our most popular lab tests (Prices reflect the cost without insurance which would be due upon blood-draw):

Thyroid Panel – $66

Hormone Panel – $94

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – $11

Cortisol – $38

For additional pricing information and other questions please e-mail us at or call the phone number below.

(863) 899-8877

Low Confidence Level Chart

Transform Your Family and Relationships with NeurOptimal™

Wise Adage: One good relationship is worth a dozen mediocre relationships

Do you feel out of touch with your loved ones? Or, is there one key relationship that you know could use a boost? If so, NeurOptimal neurofeedback can help to transform your relationships and your life!


What is NeurOptimal?

NeurOptimal is a brain training and wellness device which can help users to better manage stress, anxiety, anger, and any of the unexpected surprises of life. NeurOptimal™ also promotes healthier sleep habits and can enhance learning capabilities such as the ability to focus. NeurOptimal™ has such a wide range of effects because it is training the whole brain and the whole person each session. What makes NeurOptimal™ unique is the patented Nonlinear-Dynamical-System which responds instantaneously to any brain activity happening during a session. This feedback is so precise that the brain is essentially seeing a mirror of what it is doing and is able to learn from itself unlike never before.

How Can NeurOptimal Transform My Relationships?

Because NeurOptimal™ is a holistic brain training service there are a number of positive outcomes that clients should expect. Below are some of the most significant changes which can help transform your relationship with your family and the whole world.

  1. Patience – Through NeurOptmial™ even the busiest and most restless person can learn to slow down and be more content with the present moment. While patience is good in nearly every situation, it’s especially important in relationships as it makes it easier to slow down and engage with others in what they have to talk about instead of being absorbed or preoccupied with our own thoughts.

    2. Sleep – NeurOptimal™ promotes healthy sleeping habits which help you to fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed in the morning. While we may not think about the importance of our sleeping habits, proper sleep is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Sleep restores and refreshes our body and when we are deprived of sleep a number of wide ranging physical, social, and emotional issues can arise.

3. Confidence – One of the most astounding transformations which NeurOptimal™ produces is improvement in self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Time after time, clients who are initially shy and reserved come back a few sessions later with more confidence, a brighter demeanor, and are eager for more brain training.

NeurOptimal™ Spring “Relationship” Launch

Family Package – $60 per session with groups of 3 or more (Appointments do not need to be together)

Spring Session Bundles– 5 for $350 or 10 for $650

Individual Sessions- $80 per session

Senior Citizen (Over 55) – $70 per session

To put it simply, when we aren’t stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed in our day to day life it’s much easier for us to connect with other people and to enjoy the present moment at hand. It might be easy to point to one individual as the cause of familial strife or issues, for best results in achieving greater harmony with your family through NeurOptimal™ we recommend having everyone in the family come in for brain training. If you have any additional questions about neurofeedback or would like to schedule an appointment please contact us by e-mail or phone!

Phone #: (863)–899–9977


Woman looking at neuroptimal imaging on tablet while getting tested

What is Neurofeedback?

A brain-based form of biofeedback is called Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback began trending in modern societies since early in the 1990’s.

Why? Portable devices with multiple electrodes provided this treatment option in community and outpatient settings.

How does it work?  The electrodes make a ‘realtime’ study of unique neural clusters (or brain organelle) possible across different hemispheres or regions of the wired patient’s brain.

The text printed above might seem complicated, but you will discover if you attend our free seminar that NeurOptimal session wiring is simple and painless.

Why should you attend this seminar?  Well, controversy abounds over the correct definition for disorders like the following: (i) Autism,  (ii) ADHD, (iii) PTSD, (iv) Anxiety, and (v) Depression.

The seminar Dr Catherine Onuoha will present on March 14th, 2019 pushes media controversies aside and sets a distinct occasion to talk about symptom resolution—regardless of the causal root!  Dr Catherine Onuoha will describe our powerful Neurofeedback technology.  She will share data that reveals efficacy in a full array of psychiatric conditions.  It is true that controversy in this field of psychiatric study will continue….but a mutual truth is that NeurOptimal sessions are available immediately to lessen any patient’s symptoms.  Please come to the Natural Medicine Center on Thursday March 14th at 6:30 PM to learn how.

Event Details:

March 14, 2019

Location: 315 Doris Dr. Lakeland, FL 33813

Time: 6:30PM

Price: Free

Hosted by: Dr. Catherine Onuoha

Electromagnetic fields in the home infograph

EMF Radiation is Everywhere, But What Is It Doing?

Written by David Butler and Dr. Catherine Onuoha

One topic in vogue lately is energy; every day we are bombarded by energy from many divergent sources. In fact, everything on and beyond our planet is made of the common element energy. At its core, energy is information in movement. The information in energy is comprised of codes/frequencies which oscillate through the air to create constant vibration. These vibrations create patterns, the greatest of which is the Schumann Resonant frequency pattern. Most scholars would concede our sun is the most important energy source, but lightning and industrialization heat can also affect our planets electromagnetic field. That is problematic because the earth’s electromagnetic field keeps plant and animal beings in balance—which supports life.

Not all forms of energy are good for us. For example, the sun produces harmful ultraviolet rays with deleterious effects for those overexposed to the sun (e.g., severe burns, cancers). The earth’s magnetic field has been weakening in recent years, according to data collected by a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite array called Swarm1. Research shows a contribution to both ionosphere and magnetosphere changes from artificial energy produced from modern technologies, especially cell phones, smart meters, and cell phone towers. More concerning still—environmental experts are predicting that electrosmog-induced energy changes create significant health risks for humankind. Specifically, health risks ensuing from EMF radiation. The infographic below highlights the main producers of EMF radiation and some easy ways to limit your exposure. The greatest concern over EMF radiation is how quickly the technology has progressed and how dependent we have become to our phones in particular.

The Always Expanding Wireless Industry

Over the past few decades the cell phone industry has been growing at an alarming rate. Due to this rapid expansion scientists assessing EMF safety and lawmakers setting regulatory policies have been unable to keep up. Since the 1970’s cell phone networks have evolved from the initial 1G to today’s 4GLTE and with each new network, the faster and more reliable service comes at the price of an increased exposure to EMF radiation. Although there is still much we don’t know about the health concerns coming from 4G networks which were introduced nearly a decade ago, the new 5G network is set to debut later this year. The main concern with the new 5G network is that it will be established through satellites in space which means that EMF radiation will be even more abundant and virtually impossible to escape from2. While there are many scientists that are wary about the dangers that this new network could pose, that won’t stop telecommunication companies from rolling out this virtually untested 5G network.

EMF Radiation: Killing Insects and Slowing Reproduction

One unforeseen consequence of the abundance of cell towers which is now starting to come to light is the effect they have on our planet’s insects. In the past two decades in the US alone the population of monarch butterflies has dropped roughly 90% and bumblebees have gone down 87%. What’s even more concerning is that these are two of the most studied types of insects and there are thousands of other species which are very likely suffering similar rates of decline without being reported. While this staggering loss of insects may not be noticeable on a day to day basis, insects are a vital part of our ecosystem and losing them could lead to disastrous results3. Another growing concern with EMF radiation is the possible negative effects it could have on human and animal reproduction.

In a 2018 study on the effects of prolonged exposure to the current 4G-LTE cell signal it was found that the longer that rats were exposed to cell phones in a day the lower their sperm count was at the end of the study5. These findings also correlate with additional research that showed a strong link between infertility clinic patients and their cell phone usage6. In addition to low sperm count, another study found that sperm mobility and quality was severely reduced after 5 hours of cell phone exposure.

While it may be too early to draw any conclusions at the moment, the health concern over EMF radiation has many similarities to cigarette smoking in the 1920’s. Like cell phones, the adverse health effects of cigarettes were not heavily researched at the time allowing cigarette companies to produce false or misleading advertisements such as the one below with a doctor endorsing you smoke Camel cigarettes.

With smoking, it took decades before the dire health implications such as COPD and lung cancer were fully confirmed, but by that point many people had been smoking their whole life. Are you going to wait until EMF radiation is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to harm the body or do you want to be proactive in protecting yourself against this unavoidable and growing hazard?

If you do want to be proactive in limiting your exposure to EMF fields are a few quick tips:

  1. Use earbuds or speakerphone for calls when possible – Proximity to your phone makes a significant difference in the amount of EMF you are exposed so it is best to reduce the amount of time you are holding your phone near to your head.
  2. Don’t keep your phone in your pockets or bra all day long – Just like the head, the groin and breasts are sensitive areas of the body and repeated exposure to harmful EMF’s could cause cancer to develop in these areas.
  3. Try grounding everyday – Grounding or Earthing refers to walking barefoot outside. A growing body of research is finding that there are a number of health benefits from just 5 minutes a day of walking on sand, grass, or dirt. A large part of these benefits are due to the fact that grounding removes much of the ambient or leftover EMF fields that our bodies may have accumulated through the day6.
  4. Finally, for ultimate EMF protection we recommend equipping yourself with the Aires™ Technology line of EMF protection devices – Aires™ offers EMF Radiation shields that clip on to your phone or laptop as well as personal shields that create a 6 or 8 foot radius of EMF protection.  The device shield is called the Aires Shield Pro and the personal shields come in the 6-foot radius Defender or the 8-foot radius Guardian.  The personal shields are especially useful for families as whoever is directly next to the person wearing the device is also protected. See the image files below for Aires™ Technology products and coordinated prices. If you order through us at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland we can offer 10% off on either product.

Aires Guardian – $290 suggested retail; $260 through Natural Medicine Center
Aires Shield Pro – $55.00 suggested retail; $ 49.50 through Natural Medicine Center

Aires Shield Pro

Aires Guardian

Video on EMF Radiation

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Herbal Supplement capsules in glass bowl next to fresh picked flowers

Services for Senior Citizens


Do you suffer from issues such as joint pain/stiffness (including Rheumatoid Arthritis), low energy/fatigue, digestive problems, or general brain fog? If so it’s very likely that your body’s circulatory system is not functioning properly.  The circulatory system includes our heart, arteries and veins which allow our body to regulate where the blood and nutrients in our body goes.  With poor circulation parts of the body become starved for the fuel they need to do their job and stay healthy often causing disease or dysfunction to develop.

Luckily, BEMER is one of the best and easiest ways you can help heal your circulatory system and your whole body.  BEMER is a form of PEMF therapy which sends a natural electromagnetic signal into the body in order to increase the oxygenation of the blood and improve overall circulation.  In a 2015 double-blind study of people with chronic pain conditions such as Arthritis it was found that BEMER provided significant relief in pain symptoms when compared to a placebo.  In addition to being effective at reducing pain from chronic or acute injuries, one of BEMER’s biggest selling point is the significant boost in natural energy that can keep you awake and alert without the ups and down of caffeine.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy - Natural Medicine Center Lakeland FL Florida Holistic Functional Vitamins Amino Acids Minerals Nutrients Bloodstream Cancer Fatigue

IV Micronutrient Therapy is an infusion of natural supplements into the blood stream in order to combat nutritional deficiencies as well as give a significant boost to a person’s mood, energy levels, and immune system.  As opposed to regular supplements, the infusion stays in the body for a much longer (around 3-4 weeks) and the high dose produces much more significant effects.  In addition to providing major relief to those suffering from chronic conditions, IV therapy can help to ward off or recover from an illness.  At the Natural Medicine Center we offer a variety of infusions to meet your specific needs and can custom make infusions for what your body needs based on your lab tests.


Doctor’s will always stress the importance of keeping up with prescribed medication, but they often don’t tell you that

diet and lifestyle changes including supplements can sometimes eliminate the problem completely.  Nearly half of all senior citizens’ in America are on five or more medications for conditions that in many cases are treatable.  Even worse is that many elderly will have long lists of medications with extensive instructions on when to take them and warnings against interactions with other drugs.  Why take handfuls of harmful medications every day when you can take natural supplements that support your body’s natural processes and produce minimal to no side effects?

At the Natural Medicine Center we carry a wide range of natural supplements to meet anyone’s needs. From general wellness Vitamin’s, sleep support from Melatonin, digestive support from probiotics, natural anti-inflammatory supplements and more.  The supplements that we carry come from reputable pharmaceutical sources which are highly tested and more pure and effective than what is usually found in the supermarkets.  In addition to our traditional supplements, we also offer Chinese herbals of all types through the company Evergreen herbs.


It’s no secret that as we grow older our brains become more rigid and set in their ways, often making it difficult for us to make changes or learn new things.  Neurofeedback is a brain training service that can slow down the natural decline of mental faculties and help improve areas such as memory, focus, sleep, and more.  At the Natural Medicine Center we use Neuroptimal neurofeedback due to its holistic and safe nature with zero reported side effects.

In a session of Neuroptimal neurofeedback the client simply sits back as relaxing music and visuals play on a computer. A few un-invasive sensors will read your live brain activity and feed the activity back to the client.  Through this relaxing and therapeutic process the brain is able to see how it is functioning and improve itself.  Neuroptimal neurofeedback can help you develop the flexibility and resiliency to face each new day with a fresh start. Neurofeedback has been proven effective in treating depression, anxiety and neurological disorders.

Mental Health and Medication Counseling

As a holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine assess and treats her patients mentally and physically, this means that each patient is given personal attention and not merely seen as their diagnosis.  A wellness consultation with Dr. Catherine involves half an hour or 1 hour to go over your medical history, presenting/pressing problems, and finally developing a treatment plan.  With her degree in psychpharmacology Dr. Catherine is well versed in the effects of different medications and helps her patients to downsize their prescriptions in favor of natural alternatives that are beneficial for the body.

When seeing patients Dr. Catherine aims to both resolve existing issues as well as help her clients learn how to take care of their health to stay healthy for the future.  In addition to expertly managing the medications of her patients, Dr. Catherine offers counseling so that she can get to the root of a patient’s issue and teach them positive coping strategies that they can use in the future.  If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied or unsure about the prescription or treatment plan your doctor has advised, you are fully within your rights as a patient to schedule an appointment with Dr. Catherine for a second opinion.

Home Helpers & Direct Link of Polk County

The process of selecting a good and competent agency that will provide compassionate care is rigorous and tasking. Home Helpers strives to make things easy.

Home Helpers is a nationally known but locally owned home health care agency. Numerous happy clients choose them because:

  • There is no minimum hours or deposit requirement like most agencies.
  • The caregivers truly care. The caregivers are matched to clients based on personalities, and specialties.
  • The caregiving staff has workers compensation insurance coverage that protect our clients for liability. They have been background checked as part of the hiring process.
  • Home Helpers is insured and bonded.
  • Home Helpers guarentees 24hr phone response care.Our services range from: medication reminding, personal care, light house cleaning, errands, and transportation to client transferring and Hoyer-lifting care.

Further Reading:

BEMER Study – Gyulai, F., Rába, K., Baranyai, I., Berkes, E., & Bender, T. (2015). BEMER Therapy Combined with Physiotherapy in Patients with Musculoskeletal Diseases: A Randomised, Controlled Double Blind Follow-Up Pilot Study. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM2015, 245742.

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

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Services for College Students

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland



Replace the ups and downs of constant coffee runs and the caffeine jitters for natural energy medicine.  BEMER is a form of PEMF therapy which sends natural electromagnetic signals into the body which increase energy and improve circulation.  While anyone can and should benefit from BEMER, athletes should be especially interested in this service as it boosts the body’s natural healing abilities including recovering from tough work out sessions and minor injuries.  In fact, local professional trainers and coaches have seen the value in BEMER and use the device themselves and recommend it to their clients and athletes.


IV Therapy

Often referred to as “the hangover cure” IV therapy is an infusion of natural supplements such as Vitamin C, the B vitamins, and calcium directly in the blood stream.  By infusing these supplements instead of taking them orally the body is able to absorb more of the active ingredients and keep them in longer.

While this service is primarily used to help those suffering from nutritional deficiencies for various reasons, IV infusions are beneficial for anyone as they are essentially the ultimate multivitamin.  Those who receive an infusion can expect a significant increase in energy and positive mood that lasts for 3-4 weeks.  Take advantage of this service before a hectic period such as mid-terms, finals, or training for an upcoming sporting event to help you perform to the best of your ability



Even the smartest students can be held back tremendously by issues such as anxiety, stress, and random distracting thoughts.  Neurofeedback is a brain training service which can help with all of these issues and more.  In a session of Neuroptimal neurofeedback all a client experiences is half an hour of relaxing visuals and music while simple non-invasive sensors monitor their brain activity.  Throughout the session skips in the music will trigger whenever specific patterns of brain wave activity are detected.  These simple skips provide the brain with a mirror that reflects its activity back allowing the brain to learn from itself like never before.  While many neurofeedback devices are exclusively for those with diagnosed mental conditions, our system is designed to bring greater mental balance and relief from stress/anxiety to anyone who is hooked up.


Nutritional Counseling and Lab Testing  

College is especially tough on students’ stomachs.  From low quality cafeteria food, cheap fast food and ramen, and skipped meals on the way to class it seems very few students are getting the proper amount and type of food that their body needs.  While some students may blame their fatigue and exhaustion on homework, social life obligations, and Netflix binging (which are all very real problems) the fact is that the majority of Americans including students are not operating at our full capacity due to poor diet and nutrition.

At our clinic we can also perform lab testing of food sensitivities in order to find out what foods are not agreeing with your body or digestive system. As part of our dedication to promoting healthy and enjoyable living we host a local produce stand in front of our clinic every Friday from 1-4. If you are interested in making a change to your diet and lifestyle for the better, make an appointment with our holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine Onuoha.


Mental Health and Medication Counseling

As a holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine assess and treats her patients mentally and physically.  With her degree in psychpharmacology Dr. Catherine is well versed in the effects of different medications and helps her patients to downsize their prescriptions in favor of natural alternatives that are beneficial for the body.  In addition to expertly managing the medications of her patients, Dr. Catherine offers counseling so that she can get to the root of a patient’s issue and teach them positive coping strategies that they can use in the future.  If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied or unsure about the prescription or treatment plan your doctor has advised, you are fully within your rights as a patient to schedule an appointment with Dr. Catherine for a second opinion.


At our clinic we can also perform lab testing of food sensitivities in order to find out what foods are not agreeing with your body or digestive system. As part of our dedication to promoting healthy and enjoyable living we host a local produce stand in front of our clinic every Friday from 1-4. If you are interested in making a change to your diet and lifestyle for the better, make an appointment with our holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine Onuoha.



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The Healing Power of Infrared Saunas

Most people are aware of the relaxing and therapeutic benefits that come from traditional steamy saunas, but fewer people know about the benefits and healing power that come from using an infrared sauna.  Instead of using hot coals to create an intense and often uncomfortable heat, infrared saunas use a specific form of infrared light to create a less intense heat that is able to penetrate deeper into the skin for detoxification.  Not only do infrared saunas provide the same benefits as a traditional sauna with significantly lower temperatures, but infrared light has a variety of additional benefits for the skin and body similar to sunlight.

It’s a known fact that being outside and in the sun is good for physical and mental health, however, too much unprotected sun exposure leads to problems ranging from sun burns to skin cancer.  This is because the sun’s heat comes from a wide variety of radiation including harmful UV rays which sunscreen protects us from and beneficial Infrared light which infrared saunas utilize.

Benefits from Infrared Saunas:

  • Detoxification – The sweating from the infrared saunas is one of the best natural ways to detoxify. The light from infrared saunas penetrates deep in the skin to remove deep seated toxins including heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • Weight Loss – Infrared saunas cause sweating and an increased heart rate which simulates exercise. Infrared saunas also ease joint and muscle pain making it easier to recover from an injury or a tough work out and get back in the gym. 
  • Stress and Fatigue – The warmth and relaxation from infrared saunas are a great way to de-stress and recharge for the next week.
  • Joint Pain and Stiffness – Infrared Saunas can help reduce or alleviate temporary or chronic pain and inflammation of all kinds and has been shown effective at reducing symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral arterial disease.


  • Skin Health including relief from Acne – Infrared saunas provide a wonderful cleansing for the skin and can even significantly reduce or eliminate signs of acne.
  • Wound Healing – Infrared saunas can help boost the body’s natural healing process in recovering from wounds such as small cuts, scrapes, or other minor skin injuries.

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