Client Testimonials

Take a look at our client testimonials and find our how Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland has helped people with its proven approach.

My appointment at Natural Medicine Center last week was wonderful. Winslow did a great job! My appointment was at the end of the day, so we had time to chat after my appointment. I found her to be very down to earth and very helpful. Mr. Ken was also great, and we had a great time just sharing things from our backgrounds. I would definitely recommend this team. I had not had an appointment since Dr. Onuoha took over and was a little apprehensive but was very satisfied with my appointment.

Nancy W. – Lakeland, Florida

Why am I opting out of mammograms and doing this [Thermography] breast cancer screening instead?

Breast cancer is over diagnosed and over treated.  And yet paradoxically mammograms too often fail to detect cancers that kill. It's time for a radical shift

PLEASE, ladies, consider adding Breast Thermography to your screening.

It has changed my life.

Laura G. – Lakeland, Florida

I was grateful to finally have a thermography session. It was simple and easy. I was happy to learn about my breast health without having to radiate to determine. It was also useful to learn other things about my health that I now have the opportunity to address before they become more serious. I could learn about this worthwhile and safe diagnostic opportunity in Lakeland, Florida, which I would highly recommend to everyone.

"My imaging experience was simple, non-invasive and painless! I was back to my regular routine in less than an hour!"
Elisa S., Lakeland, Florida
"I was impressed with how ON TIME my appointment was. I'm used to waiting over an hour for medical tests. MyLife Preventive Imaging is different. The atmosphere is lovely, the people are great to work with and I had my results in about a week!"
Yvonne M., Winter Haven FL