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Services for Senior Citizens


Do you suffer from issues such as joint pain/stiffness (including Rheumatoid Arthritis), low energy/fatigue, digestive problems, or general brain fog? If so it’s very likely that your body’s circulatory system is not functioning properly.  The circulatory system includes our heart, arteries and veins which allow our body to regulate where the blood and nutrients in our body goes.  With poor circulation parts of the body become starved for the fuel they need to do their job and stay healthy often causing disease or dysfunction to develop.

Luckily, BEMER is one of the best and easiest ways you can help heal your circulatory system and your whole body.  BEMER is a form of PEMF therapy which sends a natural electromagnetic signal into the body in order to increase the oxygenation of the blood and improve overall circulation.  In a 2015 double-blind study of people with chronic pain conditions such as Arthritis it was found that BEMER provided significant relief in pain symptoms when compared to a placebo.  In addition to being effective at reducing pain from chronic or acute injuries, one of BEMER’s biggest selling point is the significant boost in natural energy that can keep you awake and alert without the ups and down of caffeine.

IV Therapy

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IV Micronutrient Therapy is an infusion of natural supplements into the blood stream in order to combat nutritional deficiencies as well as give a significant boost to a person’s mood, energy levels, and immune system.  As opposed to regular supplements, the infusion stays in the body for a much longer (around 3-4 weeks) and the high dose produces much more significant effects.  In addition to providing major relief to those suffering from chronic conditions, IV therapy can help to ward off or recover from an illness.  At the Natural Medicine Center we offer a variety of infusions to meet your specific needs and can custom make infusions for what your body needs based on your lab tests.


Doctor’s will always stress the importance of keeping up with prescribed medication, but they often don’t tell you that

diet and lifestyle changes including supplements can sometimes eliminate the problem completely.  Nearly half of all senior citizens’ in America are on five or more medications for conditions that in many cases are treatable.  Even worse is that many elderly will have long lists of medications with extensive instructions on when to take them and warnings against interactions with other drugs.  Why take handfuls of harmful medications every day when you can take natural supplements that support your body’s natural processes and produce minimal to no side effects?

At the Natural Medicine Center we carry a wide range of natural supplements to meet anyone’s needs. From general wellness Vitamin’s, sleep support from Melatonin, digestive support from probiotics, natural anti-inflammatory supplements and more.  The supplements that we carry come from reputable pharmaceutical sources which are highly tested and more pure and effective than what is usually found in the supermarkets.  In addition to our traditional supplements, we also offer Chinese herbals of all types through the company Evergreen herbs.


It’s no secret that as we grow older our brains become more rigid and set in their ways, often making it difficult for us to make changes or learn new things.  Neurofeedback is a brain training service that can slow down the natural decline of mental faculties and help improve areas such as memory, focus, sleep, and more.  At the Natural Medicine Center we use Neuroptimal neurofeedback due to its holistic and safe nature with zero reported side effects.

In a session of Neuroptimal neurofeedback the client simply sits back as relaxing music and visuals play on a computer. A few un-invasive sensors will read your live brain activity and feed the activity back to the client.  Through this relaxing and therapeutic process the brain is able to see how it is functioning and improve itself.  Neuroptimal neurofeedback can help you develop the flexibility and resiliency to face each new day with a fresh start. Neurofeedback has been proven effective in treating depression, anxiety and neurological disorders.

Mental Health and Medication Counseling

As a holistic practitioner Dr. Catherine assess and treats her patients mentally and physically, this means that each patient is given personal attention and not merely seen as their diagnosis.  A wellness consultation with Dr. Catherine involves half an hour or 1 hour to go over your medical history, presenting/pressing problems, and finally developing a treatment plan.  With her degree in psychpharmacology Dr. Catherine is well versed in the effects of different medications and helps her patients to downsize their prescriptions in favor of natural alternatives that are beneficial for the body.

When seeing patients Dr. Catherine aims to both resolve existing issues as well as help her clients learn how to take care of their health to stay healthy for the future.  In addition to expertly managing the medications of her patients, Dr. Catherine offers counseling so that she can get to the root of a patient’s issue and teach them positive coping strategies that they can use in the future.  If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied or unsure about the prescription or treatment plan your doctor has advised, you are fully within your rights as a patient to schedule an appointment with Dr. Catherine for a second opinion.

Home Helpers & Direct Link of Polk County

The process of selecting a good and competent agency that will provide compassionate care is rigorous and tasking. Home Helpers strives to make things easy.

Home Helpers is a nationally known but locally owned home health care agency. Numerous happy clients choose them because:

  • There is no minimum hours or deposit requirement like most agencies.
  • The caregivers truly care. The caregivers are matched to clients based on personalities, and specialties.
  • The caregiving staff has workers compensation insurance coverage that protect our clients for liability. They have been background checked as part of the hiring process.
  • Home Helpers is insured and bonded.
  • Home Helpers guarentees 24hr phone response care.Our services range from: medication reminding, personal care, light house cleaning, errands, and transportation to client transferring and Hoyer-lifting care.

Further Reading:

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