4 DIY ways to keep your lymph clean

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Clean eating
  3. Dry Brushing
  4. Exercise

1.  Drink Plenty of Water

8 Glasses per day? How much water should we drink per day? Between 7-11 glass per day. 

2. Clean Eating

At The Natural Medicine Center we believe that the right diet is very unique to each person. We recommend different diets to our patients based on health history, age, and lifestyle. One thing we can recommend for everyone, however, is cleaning your produce, etc. Check out this video for tips on how to clean your food:

3. Dry Brushing

We found this article useful in explaining how and why to dry brush. 
Don’t have a brush? Pick one up from The Natural Medicine Center for just $7.00. Our team can also answer any question you have about how to use the brush properly and how to use the brush for specific regions of the body.


4. Exercise

Movement and exercise helps to keep the lymph system detoxified. Jumping and swimming are two way that are particularly great for the lymphs but all exercise is helpful.

The video below is an at home yoga video specifically targeting the lymph system.

Thermography for Lymphatic Health

Thermography is a medical technology used to detect inflammation and abnormalities in the body. Using thermography to detect inflammation in your lymph system is useful because inflammation is the first stage of disease. Once we see what areas of the body/ lymph system are inflamed, we can teach you wellness habits and suggest lifestyle changes to lower the inflammation in those areas. 

eg. If inflammation is detected in the the right side and liver, we can target that area of the body with dry brushing and a liver detox. 

eg. If inflammation is detected in the upper clavicular rim. We can determine through head images if this inflammation is present because of dental issues, environmental allergies, fungal infections or more. From there we can make recommendations on how to treat the issue.


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