Dangers of EMF Radiation diagram

The Dangers of EMF Radiation

“Wireless radiation (EMF Radiation) has biological effects. Period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-review literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans, we have clear evidence of cancer now: there is no question. We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects…5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful; we know it from the science. In academics, this is called human subjects research.”- Dr. Sharon Goldberg (4)

With the rise of new technologies there has been a growing concern over the possible negative effects that Electromagnetic Field or EMF radiation coming from devices such as microwaves, X-Rays, smart meters, power lines, cell phones, and so on could have on the human body.  While we all know to limit our exposure to radiation from clearly dangerous sources and even medically approved technologies such as X-Ray machines, many of us are holding an emitter of EMF radiation next to our faces multiple times a day.  What I’m talking about of course are our cell phones.

For years there has been a common assumption that devices emitting a very low frequency and low intensity radiation such as cellphones were harmless to humans, however, a recent study has found evidence to the contrary.  A study conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) on the effects of cellphone EMF radiation has found there is clear evidence that repeated and prolonged exposure to an active cell phone caused the development of heart tumors in experimental rats.  Partly due to this study, the World Health Organization has recently ruled cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic” which means early evidence shows a likely link between cell phones and cancer.

The Problem with Being “Always Online”

The real danger from cell phone usage is due to the habitual way in which we utilize this technology.  In the NTP study mentioned above, the rats were exposed to near constant EMF radiation for 2 years (the majority of their life) before tumors started to develop.  While humans may not see any problems arise after a few years of heavy cell phone usage, using cell phones for decades over the course of your life will end up exposing you to quite a bit of harmful radiation.  Because of the long period of time it takes for cell phones to cause significant radiation damage and our universal usage of them that has made it very difficult to pinpoint the exact relationship between cellphone usage and negative health issues such as cancer.  Another factor is that cell phones aren’t the only contributor to the EMF’s we are exposed to. We may live near a cell phone tower or have smart electrical meters on our home. We may be exposed to EMF radiation from wifi overexposure and microwaves.

Obviously getting rid of our cell phones and avoiding emf exposure is impossible for most of us.  One quick fix is to try and use speaker phone or earbuds for making calls instead of putting our cell phone right next to your head. Also, try to distance yourself from your phone and working microwaves when you can.  For those that need protection from EMF exposure that is unavoidable, we now offer a new device called the Aires Shield Pro which attaches to a cell phone, on your person or on any EMF emitting device in order to significantly reduce the EMF production.

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Glutathione: “The Mother of All Antioxidants”


Glutathione: “The Mother of All Antioxidants”

Glutathione (reduced glutathione, GSH) endogenous antioxidant molecule. Skeletal formula.


Glutathione is a natural antioxidant found in our foods and our liver that is made up of three different amino acids: Glycine, L-Cysteine, and L-Glutamate.  Glutathione is always present in our bodies at low levels to help protect our cells from natural deterioration and free radicals, however, recent research has been done showing the importance and value of supplementing your diet with additional glutathione.

Supplementing with Glutathione has been found to have a positive effect on a number of different conditions such as glaucoma, hepatitis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and more.  Glutathione is also good for general health as it helps to cleanse and detox the liver.  Glutathione is effective in so many different areas because it is involved in various chemical processes in the body which support tissue recovery and produce proteins for the immune system.

Glutathione can be produced through dietary consumption, oral supplement, injection or infusion.  While foods high in glutathione such as spinach, okra, and avocados as well as glutathione supplements can be effective for certain conditions, much like vitamin C only a small amount of glutathione is actually absorbed orally by the body.  (With certain substances such as Glutathione and Vitamin C, the body only absorbs a relatively small amount of the active ingredient when taken orally whereas an infusion into the blood is a much more effective way to get glutathione.)

For a person in need of a full dose of glutathione our clinic offers glutathione infusions which are fully absorbed by the body and produce effects much quicker than a supplement.  Glutathione infusions can either by added to our Myers Cocktail infusion for an additional $20 or be given on their own for $60.


For more on Glutathione, please check out the links below:

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Cartoon wooman in sauna

The Healing Power of Infrared Saunas

Most people are aware of the relaxing and therapeutic benefits that come from traditional steamy saunas, but fewer people know about the benefits and healing power that come from using an infrared sauna.  Instead of using hot coals to create an intense and often uncomfortable heat, infrared saunas use a specific form of infrared light to create a less intense heat that is able to penetrate deeper into the skin for detoxification.  Not only do infrared saunas provide the same benefits as a traditional sauna with significantly lower temperatures, but infrared light has a variety of additional benefits for the skin and body similar to sunlight.

It’s a known fact that being outside and in the sun is good for physical and mental health, however, too much unprotected sun exposure leads to problems ranging from sun burns to skin cancer.  This is because the sun’s heat comes from a wide variety of radiation including harmful UV rays which sunscreen protects us from and beneficial Infrared light which infrared saunas utilize.

Benefits from Infrared Saunas:

  • Detoxification – The sweating from the infrared saunas is one of the best natural ways to detoxify. The light from infrared saunas penetrates deep in the skin to remove deep seated toxins including heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • Weight Loss – Infrared saunas cause sweating and an increased heart rate which simulates exercise. Infrared saunas also ease joint and muscle pain making it easier to recover from an injury or a tough work out and get back in the gym. 
  • Stress and Fatigue – The warmth and relaxation from infrared saunas are a great way to de-stress and recharge for the next week.
  • Joint Pain and Stiffness – Infrared Saunas can help reduce or alleviate temporary or chronic pain and inflammation of all kinds and has been shown effective at reducing symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral arterial disease.


  • Skin Health including relief from Acne – Infrared saunas provide a wonderful cleansing for the skin and can even significantly reduce or eliminate signs of acne.
  • Wound Healing – Infrared saunas can help boost the body’s natural healing process in recovering from wounds such as small cuts, scrapes, or other minor skin injuries.

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Hands holding placard about reducing toxins

DETOX: How and Why

DETOX: How and Why

Your body is constantly under assault from toxins in the environment around us.  From processed foods, airborne pollutants, as well as negative emotions such as stress, toxins are impossible to avoid. The toxin load we encounter daily weighs us down with fatigue, irritability, and sometimes physical reactions such as allergies and skin irritation.  While it may not be possible to eliminate all toxins in our life, limiting these toxins and detoxifying the body can restore energy and improve overall well-being.

While proper diet and exercise are the two most important factors of a detox, we offer a number of services to help your body reach a healthier state. At the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland, we promote and facilitate detoxification through our energy medicine, infrared sauna, IV nutritional therapies and thermographic examination.

PEMF BEMER therapy improves blood flow and increases oxygen in the blood.  This increased oxygen and circulation of blood stimulates the immune and lymph systems which works to drain the body of toxins.

Much like a traditional sauna, our infrared sauna uses the healing power of heat to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.  However, the infrared technology of our sauna produces a lower intensity heat that is able to penetrate deeper in the body, removing toxins that a traditional sauna would miss

Finally, through Thermography we are able to track the changes that detoxification has on your body.  While primarily used to screen for breast cancer, Thermography shows us areas of inflammation and abnormalities within the body.  These markers allow us to see what areas of the body are more toxic and help guide us with how to properly detox and treat the abnormalities.


Lastly, IV Glutathione Therapy acts principally on liver and brain tissues. Research suggests glutathione therapy can lead patients to an improved memory, while also helping to lower the risk for dementia conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. Other IV therapies can also be a great part of a detox effort including Myer’s cocktail and high dose vitamin c, and hydrogen peroxide. IV services are offered 1 time weekly at The Natural Medicine Center and are ALL preservative free.


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Holiday Special – 40% Off Supplement Sale

Hello and Happy Holidays!

The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland is offering a limited time Supplement Sale on a number of different supplements and herbal remedies which can be found below.

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Huang Lian Jie Du Tang by Evergreen Herbs

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  • Natural Coptis and Scute Combination

  • Used to treat gastrointestinal problems and can help with issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Cordyceps 3 by Evergreen Herbs

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  • Dietary supplement made from medicinal mushrooms

  • Primarily used to combat fatigue and asthma as well as support the body’s immune system

Herbal AVR by Evergreen Herbs

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  • Primarily used for immune support and for inflammation management

Interfase by Klaire Labs

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  • Enzyme Supplement

  • Enzyme combination disrupts biofilm and encourages healthy intestinal microbial communities.

Interfase Plus by Klaire Labs

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  • Enzyme supplement.

  • Antibiofilm enzyme combination with EDTA

Ginkgo Plus by Dee Cee Labs

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  • Improves oxygen flow to brain and extremities. Ideal for seniors, office workers, and college students.

Zymegest by Dee Cee Labs

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  • Pancreatic enzyme concentrate. Contains Amylase, Proease, and Lipase with Cellulase and Bile extract. Nutritionally supports digestive health.

Stress Plus by Dee Cee Labs

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  • Stress formula dietary supplement of B-Complex with E, C, and Biotin, plus Valerian, Passiflora, and Magnesium.

  • Nutritionally supports energy metabolism and nervous system health.

Mood ReClaimed

  • Original Price: $48.00

  • Discounted Price: $28.80

  • Supporting emotional balance.

  • Enables the body’s cells to access more energy and help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently.

“4 Male” by Kajarin

  • Original Price: $39.00

  • Discounted Price: $23.40

  • Moisturizing treatment cream. It contains progesterone to help balance estrogen dominance in men. 4Male is designed to complement a number of medical and nutritional approaches to healthy aging.

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 Natural Treatment Modalities for Cancer Patients


Fact: Natural and Allopathic Cancer treatment approaches can complement one another—which serves patients better as they strive to restore and regain their vitality. Our offerings include Supplements and Energy Treatments to hasten cellular / tissue repair. Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Energy Treatments are also reputed to reinforce a patient’s immune system [1], which provides advantages for cancer recovery. 

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in society today.  New statistics show that the top killer of American citizens is Heart Disease, and this implicates conditions such as stroke and congestive heart failure. The same statistical workup shows cancer as the second most common cause of deaths in the United States.  Cancer is a condition that pulls at the average American’s heart-strings; cancer troubles us because this disease state is debilitating, and treatments are usually extended across many years.  For many cancer survivors, this statement is submitted as truth:

“The cancer itself would be enough to drain me, but when chemo and other immunological treatments are added in….it really takes a toll, and is exhausting”.

Doctors and patients are aware, in advance of chemotherapy treatments, that such medical treatment may render a depleted feeling in the patient. The over-arching rationale is to stop the cancer from growing. More specifically chemotherapy damages genes on the chromosomes inside cancer cells. The central goal, when administering chemotherapy, is to impact cancer cells *selectively*, and to spare most normal cells. However because chemotherapeutic drugs travel throughout the body, they can affect normal somatic cells, albeit unintentionally.

Loss or damage to normal somatic cells provokes a number of deleterious effects such as fatigue, malnutrition, hair loss, weight loss, etc.  To offset some of these unwanted effects, the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland offers supportive treatments. Doctors at the Natural Medicine Center can work adjunctively with Oncologists and Cancer-Center Specialists. Fact: Natural and Allopathic treatment approaches can complement one another—which serves patients better as they strive to restore and regain their vitality. Our offerings include Supplements and Energy Treatments to hasten cellular / tissue repair. Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Energy Treatments are also reputed to reinforce a patient’s immune system [1], which provides advantages for cancer recovery.

While living with cancer will always be a struggle, we believe it shouldn’t end a person’s ability enjoy life.  All of our recommended treatments and lifestyle changes for cancer patients aim to bring them back some of the energy and positive well-being that their illness may have taken away. Although there is no definitive cure for cancer, recovery is more possible than many people are led to believe.

Anti-Cancer Services at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

  • Nutritional Counseling – Hallelujah and Living Foods Diet Programs
    • Our diet programs emphasize a high amount of vegetables and fruit and a conservative intake of meat. We also host a small farmers market at our clinic every Friday to encourage our patients to eat fresh and healthy.


  • IV Therapy – High Dose Vitamin C
    • Once a week we administer IV infusions of natural supplements at our clinic. In particular, studies have found that high doses of Vitamin C which can only be achieved through IV infusion can have a significant oxidant (and tumor cell eradicating) impact [2].
  • Natural Supplements such as Vitamin B17
    • We carry a wide range of natural supplements to meet any person’s dietary or nutritional needs. Catherine Onuoha can also guide patients to which supplements are best for their specific needs.
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
    • The drug Naltrexone is best known for actions at Opioid Receptors (implying significant brain effects). However, research has shown a unique action for low dosages of Naltrexone (abbreviated LDN). LDN pharmacologic effects seem to be entirely independent of Opioid receptor effects. Many scientists have shown LDN can improve the immune function(s) [3].
  • UV Blood Irradiation
    • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is a process in which a small optic tube exposes your blood to ultraviolet light. Just as ultraviolet light has been found to purify water, the same safe and natural energy can be used to cleanse the blood of impurities [4].
  • Energetic Correction via Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapies
    • Our PEMF machine improves oxygenation of body tissues and supports the natural healing systems [5].


  • Detoxification through our Infrared Sauna
    • Detoxification is an important part of recovering from a major illness such as cancer. In addition to detox guidance from Dr. Catherine, our clinic also has an Infrared Sauna which uses gentle infrared heat to penetrate and detoxify the body.
Nutrition and Cancer

One of the most vital steps to improving your health and fighting off any illness is to have a proper diet and nutritional plan.  Especially with the malnourishment which cancer brings on, it’s important for patients to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients either from their diet or from natural supplements.  Our Doctors at the Natural Medicine Center can advise patients on what foods and diet plans are best for building the immune system and fighting cancer.

Cancer and Detoxification

The Natural Medicine Centers’ advice and emphasis on ingesting adequate nutrients, to empower healing processes, is balanced by secondary advice to DETOX!  We ask you to understand ‘toxins’ as harm-provoking, miniscule substances—and toxins are everywhere in modern living environments.  Toxins abound in car exhaust, processed foods, chemical additives, cosmetics, plastics…etc.  The Doctors at NMC contend   “It is nearly impossible for citizens to avoid absorbing toxins”.  This is why our Doctors stress the importance of frequent DETOX treatments. Detoxification regimens are especially beneficial for those facing a major health issue such as cancer.  Detoxification is assisted by:  regular exercise, a vegetable / fruit loaded diets, IV infusion or oral ingestion of glutathione, and regular use of PEMF therapy devices plus Infrared sauna machines.

Cancer Monitoring Through Thermography

Digital Medical Thermography utilizes an Infrared technology to thermally image body tissues.  Any excesses in a patient’s hot or cold body impressions are interpretable. Said differently, a patient’s hot and cold patterns can be discerned by specialists who will correlate temperature to tissue health—n.b., cytokine pathway activation events read as warmth and poor circulation reads cold. Therefore, areas of inflammation will emerge as HOT.  Thermography is described within the “Truth about Cancer” video-series as a preventative imaging strategy [6]. Thermography can also be used to actively monitor the progression of a known carcinogenic tumor—hence monitoring metastatic progression and/or tumor growth.


Medical Thermography can spot abnormalities up to 8 years before a mammogram.

Check out this video about Thermography for Breast Health:


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Catherine of Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland

Meet our Natural Medicine Professionals

Hello! With the recent addition of Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Peter Stoyanov to the Natural Medicine Center team, we would like to give an introduction to our three primary natural medicine professionals who see clients here at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.  In addition to the written introductions below, we will also be having a formal meet and greet on the 23rd of October at 5:00 PM here at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.  In attendance will be FNP Peter Stoyanov, Dr. Catherine Onuoha, and Acupuncture Physician Nam Jeon.

Peter Stoyanov, ARNP

Although Peter Stoyanov is new to the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland, he has been practicing medicine since the mid 90’s when he worked as a physician in his home country of Bulgaria.  After moving to the United States, Peter furthered his education in the field of nursing and went on to receive a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Florida International University and a Master’s degree in Family Practice from the University of South Florida.  With this education, Peter has served in a variety of nurse practitioner and nurse supervisor roles throughout Florida.  While Peter’s recent experience has been in larger medical facilities, he is very eager to go back to his roots and practice holistic medicine in a more personal manner.

Dr. Catherine Onuoha, PhD, RPh

Dr. Catherine Onuoha is licensed psychopharmacologist and is the primary doctor and owner of The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.  Dr. Onuoha earned her PhD in pharmacology and toxicology from the Medical College of Virginia.  After pursuing a career of research and academia with patient care on the side for over a decade, Dr. Onuoha decided to focus fully on seeing patients when she opened The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland in 2015.

Dr. Onuoha and her clinic embrace alternative and holistic treatments which consider the whole person, mentally and physically.  By using natural treatments such as supplements, energy medicine, and Bio-Identical-Hormone Replacement Therapy, Catherine aims to bring a greater sense of balance and wellness to her patients.  Instead of merely medicating symptoms, Dr. Onuoha addresses the underlying problems by re-balancing the body’s natural systems.

Nam Jeon, D.O.M.

Nam Jeon is one of the two Acupuncture physicians we have at the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland.  Nam is licensed in the State of Florida and certified by NCCAOM (the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).  While Nam studied acupuncture in China, he also received a Master’s degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (D.O.M.) from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.  Nam is also trained in other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as mindfulness meditation and herbal remedies and he has been seeing clients for over twenty years.

Nam treats patients with complaints ranging from musculoskeletal pain (low back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, bursitis, arthritis), neurological disorders (stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, migraines), and addiction (alcohol, drug, nicotine).  Nam has also authored three books on acupuncture and Eastern medicine; Ear Reflexology & Earring Therapy, BioMedicine Essential: BioMedicine Study Guide for the Oriental Medicine Practitioner, and The Ancient Healer: Oriental Medicine Explained.

If you have any interest in getting to know Dr. Catherine, Peter, or Nam please join us at our meet and greet here at The Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland on October 23rd at 5:00 PM.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermography As A Risk Indicator

Thermography Breast Cancer Risk Indicator Holistic Healthcare Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

Red and White indicating significant abnormal blood flow and risk



As with any technology, as time progresses better thermography cameras and software is developed increasing the detection ability and resolution thus making evaluating the images more precise.  As early as 1976, at the Third International Symposium on Detection and Prevention of Cancer in New York, thermography was established by consensus as the highest risk indicator for the possibility of the presence of an undetected breast cancer.  It also has been shown to predict subsequent occurrences [1-3]. The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Detection Foundation presented a summary of its findings in this area, which has remained undisputed [4]. This, combined with other reports, has undeniably vouched that thermography is the highest risk indicator for the future development of breast cancer and is 10 times effective where there is a family history of the disease [5].  This additional effectiveness is in great part due to patients being aware of their predisposition and proactively obtaining screening.  Thermography is an ideal choice with no pain and no radiation in where frequent screening by other methods could result in radiation overexposure.

A 10,000 women study by Gautherie found that, when applied to asymptomatic women, thermography was very useful in assessing the risk of cancer by dividing patients into low- and high-risk categories. This was based on an objective evaluation of each patient’s thermograms using an improved reading protocol that incorporated 20 thermopathological factors [6].

Fibrocystic Breasts Thermograph Screening Tool Prevention Awareness Holistic Healthcare Natural Medicine Center Lakeland Central Florida

Thermography Screening indicating the possibility of Fibrocystic Breast

Therograph Screening indicating the possibility of Fibrocystic BreastFrom a patient base of 58,000 women screened with thermography, Gros and associates followed 1,527 patients with initially healthy breasts and abnormal thermograms for 12 years. Of this group, 40% developed malignancies within 5 years. The study concluded that “an abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker of high risk for the future development of breast cancer” [7].

Spitalier and associates followed 1,416 patients with isolated abnormal breast thermograms. It was found that a persistently abnormal thermogram, as an isolated phenomenon, is associated with an actuarial breast cancer risk of 26% at 5 years. Within this study, 165 patients with non-palpable cancers were observed. In 53% of these patients, thermography was the only test which was positive at the time of initial evaluation. It was concluded that: (1) A persistently abnormal thermogram, even in the absence of any other sign of malignancy, is associated with a high risk of developing cancer, (2) This isolated abnormal also carries with it a high risk of developing interval cancer, and as such the patient should be examined more frequently than the customary 12 months, (3) Most patients diagnosed as having minimal breast cancer have abnormal thermograms as the first warning sign [8-9].



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Woman meditating on Beach

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback and Meditation


Neuroptimal Neurofeedback founding roots in meditation


Founder and lead designer of Neuroptimal’s Neurofeedback system, Val Brown has claimed that his system and company take much inspiration from traditional Buddhist psychology and meditation.  For those unaware, Buddhism and psychology have a lot of overlap and commonalities; in fact, many widely accepted psychological ideas and theories can be seen in traditional buddhist texts. Even simple ideas such as anger and resentment being mentally unhealthy were first outlined by Buddhist principles long before psychology was a field.  The Dalai Lama has also embraced Buddhism’s connection to the science of psychology by holding “Mind and Life” gatherings every two years where prominent scientists and Buddhists from around the world come together for discussions and conferences.

One of the most important parts of Buddhism that has strongly influenced psychology is the idea of mindfulness.  Instead of blindly going through the motions of life, buddhism and psychology encourage us to be acutely aware of our thoughts and actions so that we can confront ourselves and change when necessary.  Just as in mainstream cognitive-behavioral psychology, Buddhism emphasizes positive actions and positive thoughts as the guide to a happy life. While buddhists might practice this enhanced mindfulness in focused meditation, many psychologists use therapy sessions or mindfulness techniques so that their clients can achieve this greater self discovery and self knowledge.


Meditation and Neuroptimal Neurofeedback


Mindfulness meditation and Neuroptimal neurofeedback are especially intertwined as they are both forms of brain training.  Both meditation and neuroptimal neurofeedback train the client’s brain to have greater concentration and focus as well as control over their mental and emotional states.  Additionally, many of the results that come from meditation such as alleviating anxiety and depression and lessening symptoms of ADHD/ADD can also be seen from Neuroptimal.  While deep levels of meditation can be very difficult for the uninitiated to practice, Neuroptimal makes it much easier for anyone to quiet their busy mind and calmly experience the flow of their thoughts.  Founder of Neuroptimal Val Brown has even referred to his system as being similar to a gong in a meditation dojo for keeping clients focused in the present moment, however, the difference in Neuroptimal is that the “gong” only sounds when the client’s brain is about to make a shift.

Neuroptimal further promotes Buddhist philosophy by believing that the patient and their brain has all the resources they need to achieve a breakthrough. Neuroptimal doesn’t try to change your brain to a predetermined ideal state, but allows the brain to learn from itself where and how to change.  Much like meditation, the goal of neuroptimal is for you to be the master of your own brain and body. Just as practiced meditation has profound effects on a person’s well-being, training through Neuroptimal can help a person stay focused and in control when facing stressful or difficult situations.





Brain Wave Chart

All About Brainwaves

Before going further into Neurofeedback, it’s important to know exactly what this therapy is trying to change. Neurofeedback’s ability to improve cognitive performance and help treat various psychological disorders is based on a “re-training” of your brain to have more balanced and well regulated brain waves. Brain waves are the result of the electrical activity in your brain that creates your thoughts and operates your body. Neurologists have identified four different types of brain waves with unique properties based on their frequency range. A brief breakdown of the different brain waves can be seen below.

brain waves

As you can see, brain wave activity can be divided into Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Gamma based on their frequency measured in Hertz.

Beta – 14-30 Hz
Beta waves are the most present brain wave during normal day to day activities. Beta is associated with alertness and focus which allows us to think critically and focus on school or work tasks. An overabundance of beta waves are typically linked to people with high stress or anxiety and low amounts of beta waves are usually seen as a contributing factor to ADHD/ADD and depression.

Alpha – 9-13 Hz
Alpha waves come from a relaxed state of mind, especially after doing a difficult or stressful task that required heavy beta waves. Alpha waves are also important when getting into the deep sleep states of delta and theta thus insomniacs are generally found to have low levels of alpha activity. People who are chronically stressed or anxious also generally have too low alpha waves while those who are seemingly never stressed or take anything seriously have excessive alpha activity making them overly relaxed.
Delta – Below 4 Hz
Delta waves are the slowest type of brain waves and is generated in both deep dreamless sleep and focused meditation. These waves have been shown to be important in the healing process of the body and are one reason why healthy sleep is necessary for healing or recovery. Excessive or irregular delta waves, especially while awake, are usually telling of either Traumatic Brain Injury or a learning disability.

Theta – 4-8 Hz

Theta waves are the link between alpha and delta and are mainly found in daydreaming or sleep, but can also be achieved through deep meditation or relaxation techniques. Theta waves are associated with unconscious memories and emotions which often arise in dreams. Theta waves have also been shown to help spark people’s creativity and imagination. While theta waves are very beneficial for the body, too much theta activity can lead to ADHD and depression while too little theta activity can cause anxiety, stress, and poor emotional responses.
Gamma – 30 Hz and above
Gamma waves are the fastest known brain waves in our body and are mainly involved in higher order cognitive functions and information processing including sensory information. While they are not as common or well studied as other brain waves, they are believed to be an important part of learning and low gamma wave activity is often seen in people with ADHD or learning disabilities.

Brainwave Regulation
Now that you have an idea of what the different brain waves are and how they affect the way you think, I hope you can see the importance of having a well regulated and balanced brain. While these different brain waves and states can’t be immediately shifted, there are many ways a person can learn to regulate their brain activity for optimal performance. When you drink a coffee, your helping your brain boost its level of beta waves for increased focus and productivity; on the other hand, relaxation or meditation techniques can lower beta activity and raise alpha causing a more relaxed alpha state. While nearly all illicit or prescription drugs have effects that help enhance or inhibit certain types of brain activity, healthy brain regulation can be achieved naturally through neurofeedback training.

More often than not, medication such as anti-depressants or stimulants are prescribed to fix brain imbalances. While medication can improve functioning and brain balance, they also come with side effects and drawbacks such as dependence and tolerance. Instead of using prescription drugs to fix imbalances in brain wave activity, neurofeedback therapy relies on proven QEEG technology to train the brain to better regulate itself. By using audio and visual cues neurofeedback training programs inform your brain when deviant or abnormal activity arises allowing your brain to make proper adjustments. While much of the “learning” process is unconscious, neurofeedback trains your brain to stay in states of optimal functioning and avoid the imbalance errors it would previously make.

Neurofeedback Changing Brain Waves
In addition to the many studies done showing subjective improvement of patients symptoms after neurofeedback training, a number of studies have demonstrated neurofeedback’s objective ability to significantly change underlying brain wave activity. One such study measured their participants brain activity before and after 6 sessions of neurofeedback training in comparison to a control group and showed a significant change in brain wave activity in the neurofeedback group. The graph below demonstrates the significant changes in brain wave activity that neurofeedback training caused in comparison to a normal non-trained group as based on a study done in 2016. (Oh, Hyun-Ju, Song, Gui-Bin 2016.)

changes in brain wave activity

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