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IV Therapy: Why Go IV?

          IV therapy is one of the best ways to give yourself an extra boost of vitality to recover from a tough week, fight and prevent infections and illness, or prepare for an upcoming trip.  Nicknamed ‘the hangover cure’ by many, IV infusions provide a heavy dose of hydration and a mix of supplements and minerals that can make someone go from groggy and fatigued to clear headed and full of energy in under 24 hours.


Who Gets IV Treatments?

          While many of the vitamins found in an IV drip can be taken as supplements, they won’t produce the same effect as getting them through an infusion.  This is because our ability to absorb nutrients orally is much less effective than when put directly in the blood.  This is especially true for two subgroups: elderly patients and patients who’ve undergone an abdominal surgery of some sort. 

  •           To discuss the first patient subgroup, suffice it to say that *mature patient groups* have lost some suppleness in their gastrointestinal membranes which means that the digestive tract’s absorptive capacity is greatly lessened.

  •           To discuss the second patient subgroup, experts in the field of gastrointestinal efficacy report with unanimity that nutrient absorptive capacity can fall to a mere 3 – 8 percent of what the patient ingested.  This low absorption rate can cause a number of issues such as fatigue, general weakness, and susceptibility to infections and illnesses.  IV infusions are one of the best ways to provide near instant relief from these issues and give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy for weeks on end. 

           IV therapy isn’t only for the elderly or those with a pre-existing condition – over the past decade IV therapy has grown exponentially to be one of the biggest alternative / natural medicine practices throughout the U.S.  In nearly any big city you’ll see specialized IV bar’s popping up which offer a variety of IV drips as well as other spa like services.  According to a report from Research and Market’s the IV therapy industry is projected to reach $29 billion by 2021.

          IV therapy began to gain prominence thanks to Hollywood movie stars and other celebrities such as Adele and Rihanna who swear by the treatment.  While celebrities are primarily interested in getting IV treatments for the extra boost of energy they get as well as the rejuvenating anti-aging effects it has for the skin, there a number of other benefits which IV therapy offers.  In addition to providing a boost of energy and vitality for relatively healthy patients, IV therapy is also very effective at managing a number of chronic conditions, such as auto-immune disorders.

          In many auto-immune disorders like Crohn’s Disease the digestive tract is damaged and cannot properly absorb nutrients from food passing through.  While a careful diet and supplementation can help to provide proper nutrients, many patients still struggle to give their body the fuel it needs.  With IV therapy the digestive tract is bypassed and the nutrients being administered will be fully absorbed into their blood and body giving them a strong boost in energy and to their immune system.

(IV therapy is a relatively easy and painless process – especially with our well trained staff!)

IV therapy provides 3 Main Benefits:

  • Energy and vitality – Within 24-48 hours of receiving your infusion you should feel an exceptional amount of energy which lasts lasts for 2-3 weeks, allowing you to quickly bounce back from a heavy workout or a tough day at the office. Not only will you feel great, but many people receive comments that they have a youthful glow after receiving an IV infusion.

  • Immune System Boost – The supplements and minerals such as selenium from an IV infusion give your body everything it needs to function at its best. This includes protecting itself from common infections like the flu or the cold.  When preparing for a trip an IV is a great way to ward off any illnesses from air travel or being in a foreign country.

  • Management of Chronic Illness – In many chronic illnesses patients issues are caused by a damaged digestive system that does not properly absorb the nutrients in their food. Through IV therapy, a patient is able to have those nutrients delivered straight into their bloodstream where they can remain to benefit the body for approximately 3-4 weeks.


Why you should get an IV at the Natural Medicine Center

                       At the Natural Medicine Center of Lakeland our IV infusions are always cross-checked by a board certified pharmacist, Dr. Catherine Onuoha, the morning before we administer them.  In our infusions we only use the highest of quality ingredients which are non GMO and preservative free.  Because we make our infusions for each patient we can also customize them to meet your particular needs based on your symptoms and bloodwork. 

         We know that dealing with needles can make a lot people nervous which is why our nurses our highly qualified and experienced and strive to give the best patient care possible.  If you have any questions about IV therapy would like to book your appointment please email us at info@naturallakeland.com or call us at 863-899-9977.


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