A Note From Dr. Catherine



Modern citizens exist and operate in a sea of both Natural and Unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMF). For example, the earth has an EMF pulsing at approximately 10 Hz.  I like to encourage conceptualizations!  You could think of the planet Earth’s EMF pulsing like a small engine capable of facilitating electrical impulses while also hastening blood and lymphatic fluid flow rates.  Hold this truth in mind:  the blood is the River of Life.  The full spectrum of cell tissues needs (amino acids, fatty acids, glucose, potassium, magnesium, oxygen, and more)…..are carried in the blood. 

    As we age, the smallest blood vessels in the circulatory tree (our microvessels), can become blocked with atherosclerotic plaque laydown or via calcification.  A clinician’s targeted goal is to move blood past microvascular impedance zones.  The best tool to accomplish that goal is P.E.M.F. (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy.   P.E.M.F technology emerges as a truly innovative contribution to any Functional Medicine Doctor’s armamentarium. PEMF therapy helps to work a patient’s blood ‘around and across’ blockage zones.  When microvessel blood flows freely  again, the patient’s cells gain access to nourishing vitamins, minerals, and dissolved blood gases.  At the whole body or systems level, patients who embrace PEMF sessions at least daily will experience more energy, better sleep, and sharp decrements in ‘inflammation’ reactions throughout cellular tissues. 


Catherine Onuoha, PhD, R.Ph, BCPP, CPh

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